What Does a Technical Evangelist Do?

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A technical evangelist typically fulfills a number of different roles to provide information about new technology to potential adopters and users. This work often begins early in the development of new software or hardware, as the evangelist uses and comes to understand the full potential of a piece of technology. As this product gets closer to launch, then a technical evangelist usually prepares some type of demonstrate and test project to show off the new technology to potential adopters. This is often followed up by an evangelist to ensure clients remain interested and understand the functions capable through the new hardware or software.

One of the most important duties of a technical evangelist begins in the early stages of development of new technology at a company. The evangelist often acts as the voice of the customer within a company; presenting potential issues or concerns that customers may have to the development team. This ensures that the product that is developed has already undergone some Quality Assurance (QA) and theoretical testing well before the actual QA phase of development. The technical evangelist provides insight to the developers to help them understand what customers might really want and need, while also considering how the new technology might address those needs.


As a new product moves closer to launch, a technical evangelist is usually responsible for developing demonstrations and test projects for it. If a company creates a new type of software for rendering out three-dimensional (3D) computer graphics in real time, for example, then the evangelist comes up with a demonstration idea to show that off. It could be a simple video that shows what the new program is capable of or an interactive demonstration that people can use to see what is possible. This type of demo is often meant as a way for a technical evangelist to build excitement among companies and individuals that might use the new product.

After this initial demonstration, then a technical evangelist is often responsible for following up with companies to encourage adoption of new products. Early adoption of new technology is often a vital element in the launch of software and hardware. The faster companies come to use a particular technology, the sooner a business can establish some type of market dominance or ensure that other users may begin adopting it. A technical evangelist is usually responsible for overseeing this type of early adoption and assisting the sales staff at a company with developing new marketing ideas and pitches for selling.


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