What Does a Team Supervisor Do?

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A team supervisor is a senior member of a work team who oversees other employees while conducting work projects or day-to-day processes. The job of a team supervisor can vary from industry to industry, though most will be responsible for delegating responsibilities among workers, troubleshooting the work processes, addressing any problems that slow or stall productivity, and work with upper or middle management to hire or fire employees. Most employees who obtain a position as a supervisor have worked in the industry for several years, and in many cases, they have worked with that particular company for many years.

A manager or team of managers can appoint a team supervisor who exemplifies a positive work attitude and exhibits good work ethic. Managers will give the team supervisor the authority to run a team within an organizational structure, and the supervisor will answer directly to those managers regarding the progress and efficiency of a team. The team supervisor is often directly responsible for building a team atmosphere that is positive and efficient; if problems arise, the supervisor must develop strategies, often with the help of a management team, to make changes that will improve morale or productivity.


A specific level of education is not always necessary to become a team supervisor, though most positions will require the candidate to have completed a high school education or equivalent. Specific job training may also be necessary, as the supervisor must be knowledgeable about the specific processes that take place within the company. In retail settings, the supervisor must be familiar with sales processes as well as point of sale systems. The team supervisor in a retail establishment is also likely to deal directly with customers, meaning he or she will address any complaints or problems that may arise during the course of a shift.

Companies are likely to hire several team supervisors rather than just one. Each shift will have a supervisor on hand to manage the staff present in the store or company. In some cases, the supervisors may work together to develop storewide or companywide strategies for improving efficiency, sales, morale, or other processes. Scheduling duties may also fall on the shoulders of the supervisor, though this is usually the responsibility of a general manager. Payroll is usually handled by the general manager as well, and the only money a supervisor will usually handle comes from the registers in a retail establishment.


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