What does a Supermarket Cashier do?

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A supermarket cashier typically spends most of his or her time, working a cash register. He or she rings up customer purchases, and takes money (or other forms of payment), while providing adequate change as needed. There can be other responsibilities involved in this job, which are worth noting.

Sometimes the supermarket cashier is responsible for maintaining the cash drawer in a certain condition. When change supplies get too low, the cashier may need to remove the drawer, using a variety of procedures and bring it to management to replace it with a new drawer. Cashing out or changing drawers may be done on a time-based schedule too, or whenever the register has to be left or closed for long periods of time.

One thing the supermarket cashier will need to know is how to take different forms of payment and store policy on accepting payment. When a check is written, for instance, the cashier must check identification, unless the customer is very well known, and possibly may have to limit check spending to certain amounts. Similarly, workers must understand procedure on receiving food stamps, WIC (women, infants and children) payments, and how to process ATM and credit transactions. Procedures could be different from store to store, but most people used to cashiering can easily make the jump from one store to the next, even if there are slight differences in currency handling or register function.


Of course, a vital part of the supermarket cashier job is determining how much to charge for things. They may need to “ring up” each item by inputting the price into a register, or many stores now use scanning devices, which can help reduce human error. The worker might still need to identify things that are sold by weight (like most produce) and input the appropriate code so the customer is accurately charged.

Depending on the store, a supermarket cashier could also bag groceries, and most do this to some degree, some of the time to expedite sales, even if baggers are employed. Some cashiers also stock groceries, or return items to stock; this is more common in smaller stores. Since cashiers are at the front of the store, they might also receive quite a few questions or complaints from customers, which they may need to refer to other experts like managers. Some register workers also process any returns customers have if food or other items purchased at a store were unsatisfactory in some manner.

Those suited for supermarket cashier work typically have a friendly manner and like working with people. They also are good at counting money and can perform their job with few errors. Many supermarkets are now open for long hours or at all times, and the cashier might expect to work different shifts and for at least some time on major holidays. Typically newer employees are given less agreeable shifts, while employees with seniority may have more choice in when they work.


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Post 4

Sunshine31-I think I would love to be a Whole Foods cashier. I love that place. I could easily be a food cashier there.

They have so many gourmet products that taste so good. It is really unlike any supermarket out there. It is more expensive, but if you treat yourself once and a while it is not too bad. They usually carry products that you can not find anywhere else. It is much better than Sav A Lot supermarket.

Post 3

Suntan12-I know that working in a Tom Thumb supermarket or working as a Kroger cashier is similar.

The thing to remember with being a retail cashier is that you have to maintain a friendly demeanor although the job is often boring at times and time seem to move slowly.

Engaging the customers and displaying an upbeat demeanor often makes a more enjoyable experience for the cashier as well as for the customers. This also makes time go by faster. Often when working in a supermarket kosher cashier line, you will have repeat customers that are regulars that will talk to you and make the experience more fun.

Post 2

Icecream17-Cashiers at the customer service counter have also have to balance their tills and must demonstrate excellent customer service skills.

If a cashier demonstrates excellent command of the front office, they may be invited to train for the back office. The back office is where the cashier balances all of the tills of all of the cashiers. He or she will take deposits from all of the line cashiers throughout the day and count the money and enter it into the computer system.

He or she will also enter in checks and coupons so that at the end of the night there is not so much to count.

At the end of the night the back office

cashier will balance out all of the tills for the night and the closing manager counts and balances the safe and makes a notation of the available funds.

They run a reconciliation report and then leave for the evening. The supermarket cashier job description follows these basic steps.

Post 1

Becoming a grocery cashier is easy. Most food supermarkets have openings for retail cashiers because this job has a lot of turnover.

Cashiers have to remain on the feet for their entire shift and are responsible for balancing out their tills. Cashiers whose tills do not balance may be given a written reprimand.

If the balancing problems continue then termination is almost certain. Many cashiers that work in large supermarket chains start by working as a line cashier and if they do well can get promoted to the front office which is the customer service counter.

Here cashiers are responsible for servicing the customers that come to the counter and handle their requests. This includes cashing checks, selling cigarettes, and buying lottery tickets.

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