What Does a Summer Trainee Do?

N. Madison
N. Madison

A summer trainee learns the requirements for a job and gets practice in performing related tasks during the summer. Often, summer trainee opportunities are available in the form of seasonal internships that allow a person to train for a job while on a summer break from high school or college. This term, however, can be used for any situation in which a person trains for a job or task during the summer months.

School bus drivers may go through summer training.
School bus drivers may go through summer training.

The term "summer trainee" refers to a person who trains for something during the summer. In many cases, a person with this title is training for a specific type of job, but the employer only offers training during the summer, or the trainee is only available to learn during this season. The phrase can refer to someone who trains for most or all of the summer as well as someone who spends a few weeks or months in training.

Often, the title of summer trainee is given to students who have decided to devote their summer vacations to training for a job or learning how to perform certain tasks. This is often the case with college students who are hoping to graduate with experience and references they can use to secure their first jobs. In fact, some college students work as summer trainees in positions referred to as "internships" for companies that plan to hire them once they graduate. High school students sometimes train for jobs during the summer as well.

While students often take advantage of summer trainee positions, the term isn't limited to them. Anyone who trains during the summer months could be called a summer trainee. For example, if a person wanted to work as a school bus driver during the fall, winter, and spring months, but the employer only offered training during the summer, the aspiring school bus driver could be referred to as a summer trainee.

The job a summer trainee has is usually pretty simple. His responsibility is to learn based on the training program in which he participates. At the end of such a program, a trainee is usually expected to know how to perform a particular job, task, or series of tasks. For instance, if a person trains during the summer as a laboratory assistant, the provider of the training will likely expect him to know how to perform laboratory tests, use equipment, and record results by the end of the summer.

N. Madison
N. Madison

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