What does a Storage Consultant do?

C. Daw

The use of storage facilities has become a huge industry as people, as well as businesses, are looking for cost effective ways to store items not readily used every day. There are storage facilities that house anywhere from a dozen to hundreds of storage units, available for their customers to rent, typically on a monthly basis. Some storage facilities offer portable storage units that will be delivered to a home or business in order to provide customers with a more convenient storage option. Most of the storage facilities will hire a storage consultant to run the office and assist their customers in selecting and maintaining their storage units.

Businesses use storage facilities for merchandise and archived records.
Businesses use storage facilities for merchandise and archived records.

A storage consultant is responsible for renting out the storage facilities to customers. They would need to be knowledgeable on all of the different types of storage facilities available and the benefits for each type, enabling them to best advise the customer on which storage units would best fit their needs. Part of a storage consultant’s duties would be to be responsible for preparing and filling out all of the necessary paperwork and collecting the appropriate fees. They would have to keep accurate records and seek past due collections when necessary. They would also need to take appropriate steps to ensure that proper maintenance of the storage facilities is done.

Storage consultants might help homeowners who are downsizing to a smaller house.
Storage consultants might help homeowners who are downsizing to a smaller house.

A person looking for a job as a storage consultant should possess office and computer experience. This will help them run a smooth and organized office and be able to create and maintain needed information on the computer. Past sales and retail experience will also be helpful by providing them the needed skills to deal with potential customers. Storage consultant requirements require them to be organized, self-motivated and able to multi-task so they can run the office with very little supervision.

The outlook for this position is very good because it is still a growing industry. During times of economic instability, many people who have to downsize have a need for a storage facility to store their unused possessions. Businesses are opting to use storage facilities as a means to store their merchandise as well, allowing them to keep a large supply available. One should increase their office and computer skills if they are interested in this type of work, as well as enhance their communication and organizational skills. The job will require one to work with very little supervision, so good references who can promote the applicant’s skills and dependability will help them land a storage consultant job.

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