What does a Staffing Coordinator do?

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Most human resources departments include staffing coordinators, whose responsibilities include finding suitable job candidates for open positions within the company or for contract positions. These staffing coordinators help match job candidates with suitable positions. Sometimes staffing coordinators match applicants with jobs at their own companies and sometimes they find new hires for other companies who have contracted the service.

The main responsibility of a staffing coordinator is to understand the available job openings and then find candidates who have the necessary education, skills, and qualities. Staffing coordinators fill job orders, which keeps companies operating smoothly and gives job seekers a chance to get to work. Therefore, a staffing coordinator must be able to effectively manage multiple clients and job candidates simultaneously.

As job orders or open positions become filled with suitable candidates, it is the responsibility of staffing coordinators to make sure that assigned workers perform their duties according to the needs of the company. Periodically, the staffing coordinator will communicate with the immediate supervisor to make sure that the worker is performing up to expectations. In addition, the staffing coordinator generally deals with any needs that the worker may have, such as payroll and benefits, problems on the assignment, or termination from the assignment.


In general, staffing coordinators usually work for established employment agencies, workforce organizations, human resource departments, and independent staffing companies. Some staffing coordinators also work on-call as executive recruiters. Either way, their duties are basically the same.

In order to be qualified to work as a staffing coordinator, a two- or four-year university degree in business with a concentration in human resources is generally recommended. In addition, the ability to manage multiple assignments, people, and clients is vital to working efficiently as a staffing coordinator. Strong interpersonal skills, understanding of sales, attention to detail, and a focus on customer service are the qualities of a successful staffing coordinator.

Staffing coordinators often get experience in other areas of human resources, such as in general recruitment or human resource generalist roles. Sometimes, staffing coordinators learn how to manage people and clients through a background in sales. It is key that staffing coordinators have up-to-date training and knowledge in hiring and interviewing practices, employment laws, and payroll administration. It is not uncommon for a new graduate of a human resources program to start out in a staffing coordinator role as it provides a well-rounded experience in the industry, which can open the doors to more opportunities.


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