What Does a Spinning® Instructor Do?

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A cycling enthusiast can take his or her passion to the next level by becoming a Spinning® instructor who teaches indoor cycling classes aimed at giving participants the opportunity to improve their fitness levels in a fun and motivating environment. A Spinning® instructor will lead such indoor cycling classes according to the internationally recognized Spinning® guidelines. He or she will provide instruction on proper cycling technique, motivation for new and experienced cyclists alike, and guidance for developing safe and effective exercise routines for all participants. Part of the instructor's job may also be to troubleshoot and repair various types of indoor bicycles.

A Spinning® class will generally be suitable for many people at once; the number of participants is usually limited by how many bikes are available in a given facility. The Spinning® instructor will lead the class through all phases of the workout, from the warm-up to the cool-down. Before the class begins, the instructor may walk around the room to meet participants and ensure each participant fits properly on the bike he or she will use. A good Spinning® instructor will recognize the various ability levels of each participant; many classes are broken down into beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections so people in each ability group will not feel out of place.


Once the class begins, the Spinning® instructor will provide verbal guidance to all participants to ensure each person is maintaining proper form, speed, or cadence. As the class progresses, the instructor is likely to provide instruction for proper breathing techniques as well. Throughout all phases of the workout, the instructor will provide verbal motivation to participants and work to keep each cyclist focused on clear workout goals. Instructors must go through extensive training to learn how to provide such instruction effectively.

Of course, the Spinning® instructor will also need to be in good physical condition himself or herself, and it is likely that he or she will need to pass a physical examination prior to being hired as in instructor. He or she will also need to be very familiar with cycling as a sport, as a culture, and as an aerobic routine. Much of this can be learned during the instructor's training, but it is best to develop a passion for cycling before considering a job as an instructor. Proper cycling attire must be worn at all times during a workout session as well.


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