What Does a Spa Attendant Do?

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A spa attendant’s main job is to perform basic custodial services at a health spa or wellness center. Attendants are usually tasked with maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the interior space, including common areas, treatment rooms, and restrooms. This often includes routine cleaning as well as supply stocking and inventory control. Attendants can often progress from very basic tasks to more involved and client-facing positions with time and good reviews.

Most spas are designed to be places of relaxation, where clients come to slip away from the outside world. Much of this owes to the treatments offered, but ambiance is usually a big part of the experience. Spa attendant jobs are usually created to help ensure that all facilities remain clean, tidy, and inviting.

The most basic spa attendant job is to maintain cleanliness. This usually involves sweeping, mopping, and interior window cleaning. Attendants typically also straighten up rooms after treatments and ensure that all equipment and tools have been thoroughly cleaned and replaced between clients. Cleaning bathrooms, emptying trash, and re-stocking supplies like towels and amenities are also common duties.


A spa attendant is usually expected to be a bit more than just a custodian, though. Most of the time, he or she is also expected to be outwardly courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly to guests. Spas often depend on all levels of staff to make the client experience a positive one. Attendants are often in charge of issuing lockers, showing guests to their appointments, and answering basic questions about services. At the very least, attendants should know where to direct clients for more information.

Attendants are generally considered entry-level employees. There are few to no spa attendant requirements in terms of training and education, and candidates can usually be hired with little to no work experience. The spa attendant job description usually covers only very basic skills. Depending on the organization, however, there is often a lot of room to grow.

Many people who work as spa supply managers, receptionists, or consultants began as attendants. Good work, a positive attitude, and a commitment to excellence even in the more mundane tasks is often noted and praised by more senior managers, and can lead to internal advancement and promotion. Not everyone who works as a spa attendant aspires to make a career out of spa work, but for those that do, the job provides good basic exposure to how spas work and operate on the inside. Attendants cannot usually advance to become actual spa technicians or service providers without more specific training, but a range of administrative and organizational jobs usually opens up with some experience in the field.


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Work as a spa attendant wouldn't be bad in a nice area Rundocuri. I would assume that in smaller areas though, the work might be less interesting.

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My niece worked as a spa attendant last summer at a resort. She enjoyed the work because it wasn't too difficult and she got opportunities to meet a lot of nice people.

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