What Does a Solutions Consultant Do?

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A career as a solutions consultant primarily revolves around expanding a business's customer base and maximizing sales. While an individual in this position can work for a variety of companies and sell a diverse range of products, his overall job duties are basically the same. These include pinpointing customer needs, creating strategies to boost sales, building customer relationships, educating employees on sales techniques and building industry relationships.

One of the most important aspects of being a solutions consultant is pinpointing customer needs and figuring out what a business's target audience is. Without a clear understanding of this, it's unlikely that a business will succeed. As a result, a solutions consultant is responsible for performing consistent industry research of what customers need and want. Doing this research allows a business to design its goods or services around the customer, which should ultimately increase sales.

Another integral part of this career is constantly working on new strategies to boost sales. For example, a solutions consultant might research and experiment with different forms of marketing in order to reach the widest possible audience. He might also work on different sales techniques, like giving presentations in person or contacting potential customers via telephone. Working on new strategies is vital for expanding a business's customer base and staying competitive with other companies.


As a solutions consultant develops sales techniques and learns new industry information, he will use that information to build customer relationships. For example, if his research shows that most customers respond positively to sales calls, he might make several phone calls to potential leads. As he interacts with each potential customer, he will attempt to develop a relationship in hopes of acquiring repeat sales. Consequently, this career requires a person with significant interpersonal skills.

Another key part of a sales consultant's job is to share his findings with other employees. Since he is often considered the expert on this matter, it's up to him to educate others so that business operations benefit from the staff's increased knowledge. In addition, he may hold periodic meetings with employees and give presentations on effective marketing and sales techniques. As a result, this position also requires an individual with strong leadership skills.

Building industry relationships is another duty that a solutions consultant might perform. In order to accomplish this, many individuals will get involved in an industry group. Since businesses within a certain industry often experience growth or decline simultaneously, communicating with other businesses in the same field is often beneficial. Consequently, exchanging information with peers will usually optimize a business's overall performance.


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