What Does a Solution Sales Manager Do?

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A solution sales manager typically leads a team of sales people to build professional relationships that will increase sales and make a business or organization more profitable. This work is often performed in a highly competitive environment where proven sales techniques and results are of primary importance. Professionals working in this industry usually have a college degree and several years of experience and leadership in sales. The solution sales manager builds relationships inside the company and helps a sales team to establish relationships outside the company with the executives and staff of various clients.

Those working as solution sales managers are highly trained and may have earned a bachelor's or master's degree in sales, marketing, or some other related field. Some managers have worked their way up through the ranks. These solution sales managers have proven themselves to their employers by learning the finer points of the business and proving their sales acumen by producing sales and meeting or surpassing established sales quotas. Some employers will overlook the requirement of a college degree for those who have years of experience and a proven sales track record. Previous management experience and experience leading a successful sales team may also be one of the requirements for the solution sales manager job.


Having established and maintained relationships within their own organization, a solution sales manager works closely with key executives and management personnel to establish sales goals, create forecasts, and communicate sales information. Solution sales managers may also work on sales solutions from an operational and risk viewpoint to determine skill level and availability of services or product inventory. Working management and leading a sales team requires that most working in this profession have effective leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. Most sales solution managers have years of experience in planning complex projects, managing a successful sales teams, and executing sales strategies that build long-term relationships and maximize sales revenues.

The solution sales manager promotes a motivational culture within a company or organization. This tends to help members of the sales team develop their skills in order to become more effective sales people. As a further measure, solution sales managers may also serve as mentors and coaches to individual sales people who may need the focused attention of a more experienced sales person. In order to establish initial contact and ensure customer satisfaction, the solution sales manager may personally attend several sales calls per week with members of his or her sales team. Developing new sales strategies that bring more revenue and training members of their sales team to execute these strategies is a fundamental function of the solution sales manager.


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