What does a Skin Care Specialist do?

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A skin care specialist, also known as an esthetician, is a person who provides skin care to clients. The job requires that this specialist use a variety of products and techniques to improve and maintain the health and appearance of each client. He or she must attend an accredited cosmetology school in order to become a licensed esthetician.

After a future skin care specialist completes a cosmetology program, he or she can work in several types of places. They can work in a beauty spa, salon, doctor's office, or other facility that helps people maintain the health of their skin. These specialists may even open their own businesses, working as consultants in the bridal or entertainment industry.

Skin care specialists teach their clients how to properly clean and moisturize their faces. Estheticians perform facials, chemical peels, and extract blackheads from the skin. They provide instruction on how to apply makeup effectively and remove excess hair. A person in this position often provides facial massages as well.

Those who decide to become skin care specialists will work with the public on a daily basis. As a result, estheticians should demonstrate a sincere interest in the well-being of their clients. They must set their clients at ease so that clients feel comfortable about receiving treatments that may be somewhat painful, such as hair waxing.


A skin care specialist can help clients who suffer from skin ailments such as psoriasis. He or she can help clients with acne or warts as well. People who wish to recapture a more youthful appearance can also benefit from the administrations of a skin care specialist. The esthetician will use products such as lotions and creams to help tighten and rejuvenate skin so that clients appear younger.

Most states require that skin care specialists complete at least 600 hours of training. Each state has its own requirements to earn licensing. A typical vocational program lasts between nine months and two years. Students learn how to sanitize equipment so they can avoid spreading diseases to clients. A student may also take courses in chemistry, physiology, and anatomy.

Skin care specialists help people cultivate healthy, beautiful skin. This enables clients to feel better about themselves, boosting self esteem as they face the world. By using a variety of techniques and skin care products, the esthetician provides clients with the tools they need to achieve a more attractive appearance.


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beachgirl05- How much money a skin care specialist makes per hour will vary greatly depending upon their experience, where they work and where they are located.

Obviously, skin care specialists with more experience will make more than individuals straight out of school. A specialist right out of school can expect to make about $10 an hour.

Specialists that work in high-end salons and spas will make more money that someone who works in a chain or discount salon. Someone who works in a high-end salon can easily make more than $20 an hour. Someone who works in a doctor's office will typically earn less.

It also depends where the specialist is located. Individuals in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami will usually make more than someone based in places like Topeka, Kansas or Little Rock, Arkansas.

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How much money do skin care specialists make per hour?

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