What Does a Skin Care Consultant Do?

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A skin care consultant is a person who works for a department store, cosmetics store, or independently. This type of consultant sells makeup and skin care products based on customers' needs. A skin care consultant is a salesperson first and foremost, but it is important for someone in this position to try to listen to customers' requests as much as possible.

On a daily basis, a skin care consultant will likely interact with many customers. The consultant will be responsible for greeting the customer when they come into the store, and asking if the customer needs assistance with anything. Some customers may only need to purchase a product that they have already used, while others may need more help selecting a type of makeup or skin care.

Once the skin care consultant determines the customer's needs, he or she will need to help the customer in selecting the best products. This may include something such as acne treatment products or wrinkle products, among others. As a salesperson, the consultant may be encouraged to "upsell" to the customer. This might mean suggesting an additional night cream, for example, if the customer comes in to purchase a daytime cream, or suggesting a second color of lipstick to go with a set of eyeshadow.


It is important to be able to sell these products without making the customer feel as if one is just trying to get them to buy more. For this reason, it is best to only suggest products that one truly believes will be beneficial or helpful to the customer. The consultant should be very knowledgeable about the products he or she is selling, and be able to answer any questions posed by the customer. Once the customer has made his or her selections, the skin care consultant will need to put the purchases through the cash register and collect the payment.

It is also popular for consultants to work independently through catalog sales. This type of consultant may send catalogs to their friends and family, and host parties where people can try out the products before they purchase them. Consultants who work independently and use catalogs to make their sales often develop a loyal customer base; while it may be difficult to make a full-time income this way, it is often possible to make an excellent second income.


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