What does a Sign Maker do?

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A sign maker is an individual who creates signage for various business, government and private uses. Signs created may include, but are not limited to, street signs, business signage and private signs that may be specially ordered by an individual or group. Also, an online sign maker may be called upon to create signs and banners for Internet websites.

A sign maker literally creates signage that others use to display to the public. In doing so, custom sign makers are responsible for the design, lettering, ordering of materials and installation of the signage she or he creates. Along with the customer, a sign designer will also help make key decisions as to the exact type of materials used in making a sign.

Aside from the manual labor involved, a sign maker must also work to advertise her or his own business to attract clients. As clients contract a custom sign maker, he or she is also responsible for educating clients on available signage options, as well as processing any necessary forms and paperwork. This includes invoicing the client after work has been completed. Many outsource key details of a job and, therefore, must be able to communicate well with others, such as graphic artists and calligraphers.


An online sign maker may work a little differently in that she or he may not actually meet face-to-face with clients, but still must find other ways of determining what it is a client wants. While the designer is not working with materials, such as vinyl lettering, wood or others used to make material signs, she or he must be skilled in working with software needed to create virtual signage according to the client’s specifications. Just as other custom sign makers, one working online is also responsible for the business aspects of a sign making business as it pertains to record keeping and billing.

Some custom sign makers specialize in large-scale ventures. For instance, some may work for a large institution, such as a hospital or a university, making signs to direct visitors to different areas of the institution. Government institutions also employ individuals to work as a street sign or road sign maker in different cities and towns. A sign designer working for a large company or institution may also be responsible for overseeing the work of other sign makers.

More experienced people working within this industry are usually adept at making several different types of signs. It’s not unusual to find that a road sign maker can also work quite comfortably alongside wooden sign makers. Although many will concentrate on one specialty, a good one will usually be able to create a variety of different signs if called upon to do so.


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