What Does a Siding Installer Do?

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A siding installer is a person who works on the exterior of homes and businesses. It's his job to oversee the installation of a specified type of siding to protect a building from the elements. Some of the most common types of siding include vinyl, wood and aluminum. Even though the materials can differ, the basic job duties of a siding installer are the same. These include discussing potential options with customers, providing job estimates to customers, obtaining materials, providing professional siding installation and cleaning up the work site.

Before ever beginning a project, it's necessary for a siding installer to first discuss potential options with customers. This mainly involves going over the different types of siding materials and the costs of each. During this time, he will either converse with potential customers via telephone or visit the customer's home or business.

Once the materials and other details have been discussed, a siding installer will usually provide a job estimate to a customer. To accomplish this, he will almost always need to visit the home or business. This may involve taking building measurements or a visual inspection to get an idea of the project's overall cost. Performing this step ensures that both the siding installer and customer are on the same page, and there are no financial surprises.


After he has come to an agreement with the home or business owner, he must obtain the correct materials for the job. He may pick up materials at a home improvement store or have them shipped to him. In addition to siding materials, he may need to acquire scaffolding or other equipment.

Providing professional siding installation is the next phase of the process. In some cases, the siding installer may need to partially or completely remove old siding before beginning. He may also need to perform some preparation work, like assembling scaffolding and making measurements, before proceeding. Afterward, he will use tools to correctly install all pieces of siding. For small structures, this may only take a day or two. For larger ones, this installation can take substantially longer.

Upon job completion, a siding installer must check all areas of siding to make sure that they fit properly and that there are no gaps. If he finds a problem, he will either fix it or replace it until everything fits correctly. Once the building passes his inspection, he will clean up the work site and remove all left over debris from the area.


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