What Does a Service Dispatcher Do?

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A career as a service dispatcher is one that comes with a variety of responsibilities and requires a distinct skill set. Essentially, a service dispatcher acts as the middleman between customers and customer service workers. Some of the main duties include communicating with customers, setting up services like installations or repairs, relaying information to workers and keeping careful records of services and transactions.

Perhaps the most important duty of a service dispatcher is communicating and establishing a healthy rapport with customers. That's why this job is usually ideal for individuals possessing strong social skills. Dispatchers can work in a variety of fields, including cable, Internet and electrical companies. Depending on the type of service provided, dispatchers will need to be knowledgeable about the field, and be able to respond to customer questions. Typically, a service dispatcher will be responsible for handling customer inquiries and complaints either through the phone, by e-mail or in person.

He will then determine the customer's needs and find out any other pertinent details concerning the situation. From there, he will set up a time for a service worker to perform the necessary installation or repair. In most cases, setting up a time will depend upon the urgency of the matter, and will be prioritized accordingly.


The service dispatcher will also ensure that the necessary tools and parts are ready for the job. This often involves contacting a parts supplier and inquiring about the availability of supplies. If certain parts are out of stock, he may have to place an order and inform the customer about the situation.

He will then communicate with a service worker in order to explain what the job entails, the time and date of the assignment and provide any details surrounding the job. This aspect of the job also requires excellent interpersonal skills. It's crucial that both the customer and service worker are on the same page and informed about the situation. Otherwise, problems could develop which can lead to dissatisfied customers and profit losses.

In addition, a service dispatcher is responsible for keeping detailed records of services and transactions. This usually involves keying data into a computer which will be available for future reference. Common data consists of things like the time and date of service, time spent at the location, the costs involved and any other important information. In some cases, the dispatcher will be required to follow up with customers in order to ensure that everything was done correctly and that the customer is satisfied with the service.


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