What does a Senior Sales Executive do?

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A sales executive is a professional who uses his or her sales experience to increase the profits of a business or firm. These professionals can be found in nearly any industry in which the selling of goods or services is necessary for the financial health and long term success of business. The senior sales executive is normally a sales executive who has had years of experience, often in one company, and who may be responsible for leading teams of sales associates and communicating progress and strategy with management. ]The duties of a senior sales executive may include market research, tracking sales, increasing visibility of products, and engaging in customer or client relations.

A large part of increasing sales is knowing where and how to market products and services. For this reason, a senior sales executive is often required to conduct and analyze market research. The research normally provides a view into what consumers from different backgrounds and in different locations need and desire. From this research, a sales executive may develop new marketing and selling strategies.

In order to be aware of growths and losses in sales, a senior sales executive may also be responsible for tracking sales. This is normally achieved by observing spreadsheets or computer programs that compile the relevant data concerning the performance of certain products. Information and perspectives gathered from this compiled data can give a senior sales executive insight into which methods and strategies are most effective and which need to be further developed.


Branding is another common task of the senior sales executive. While graphic designers, advertisers, and marketing specialists may be responsible for creating aesthetics such as logos and packaging designs, a sales executive is often in charge of approving ideas and providing guidance. The perspectives gathered from market research and sales tracking are often utilized in developing effective brands and advertising campaigns.

One of the most important tasks of senior sales executives is to connect with customers and clients. A professional in this role is often expected to attend events such as dinners and seminars that allow the executive to show important clients that he or she is engaged and also to learn about the expectations of clients. Sales executives also have the responsibility of finding new clients, which may include following leads and developing relationships with potential customers.

Many businesses have sales departments in which a number of sales associates operate. In these scenarios, a senior sales executive may also act as a team leader. This position can include duties such as motivating the team, monitoring performance, and recruiting new associates.


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