What Does a Security Technician Do?

Nick Mann

It's the job of a security technician to install or repair various security systems, such as surveillance cameras and fire alarms. This career usually involves significant traveling and can involve working with both businesses and homeowners. In most cases, becoming a security technician involves obtaining a high school diploma or equivalent, and getting certified in various types of security systems. Some common job duties include assessing customer needs, recommending relevant security systems, installing security systems, demonstrating system use and repairing security systems.

With cameras and alarms in place, a security technician might perform a series of tests to ensure that everything is working properly.
With cameras and alarms in place, a security technician might perform a series of tests to ensure that everything is working properly.

Assessing a customer's individual needs is typically the first step of each assignment. To do this, a security technician will often accompany a salesman to determine the exact type of security system a customer needs. If he is dealing with a homeowner, an assessment is likely to be brief and will often involve only one type of security system. When dealing with a business, it might take longer and can sometimes involve multiple types of security systems.

After an initial assessment, a security technician will make a recommendation concerning which type of security system would be best for his customer. For example, if a business is interested in surveillance cameras, he may show the customer which options are available. Along with this, he will usually explain the features and pricing of each option. Once a customer makes a choice, he will then give a rough estimate of product and installation costs. This aspect of the job requires a security technician to have an in-depth knowledge of his company's products and excellent communication skills.

Once a customer and security technician have reached an agreement, the installation process will begin. At this time, he will acquire all necessary materials and install them at a homeowner's residence or a business's facility. For only one security system, this process can usually be accomplished within a few hours. If installation includes multiple systems, the process might take significantly longer.

Upon completion of the installation, it's usually necessary for a security technician to demonstrate how to use each system. This typically involves going over the owner's manual and offering a quick walk through of system features. To prevent confusion, it's essential for a security technician to have extensive knowledge of each product.

In addition, an individual will sometimes need to perform security system repairs. No matter how high in quality a product is, malfunctions or problems will inevitably arise. When they do, a security technician will visit a workplace or home and restore a system back to normal functioning.

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