What Does a Search Marketing Specialist Do?

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A Search Marketing Specialist works to improve websites’ ranking in search engine results and she may also be tasked with Internet marketing. Someone in this position may work for an agency, and assist with numerous client accounts, or she may work for an organization that is large enough to warrant a full time employee in this role. A four year undergraduate degree in a related field, industry certifications and communication skills are usually needed for this position.

As a part of the job, the marketer may strive to improve organic search results, by improving search engines’ evaluation of the sites. Some of these tasks may include researching keywords to be used in website’s description and content. Effective use of keywords can encourage search engines to rank sites higher in their search results, and increase the chances of users viewing those sites.

The Search Marketing Specialist may also create and manage paid search and pay per click (PPC) campaigns. A specialist may devise campaigns that target people who are likely to be interested in the website’s products or services, while keeping costs within budget. Other responsibilities can include link building, where the specialist arranges for links to be placed on third-party websites or blogs.


Those holding this type of position may also analyze the competition of the organization on whose behalf they are working. She may analyze current business conditions, and make recommendations for Internet and social media marketing campaigns. Analyzing web usage reports, and suggesting changes to content or website organization based those findings may also be part of the Search Marketing Specialist job description.

The field changes rapidly, and the Search Marketing Specialist will need to keep informed on industry developments and trends. This can require reading websites, blogs and social media of industry leaders. A Search Marketing Specialist can also attend conferences to gain knowledge and develop relationships with experts.

Many employers list an undergraduate degree in Marketing or Management Information Systems (MIS) as part of their Search Marketing Specialist requirements. Experience in the field is desirable. An employer may also want web design skills such as knowledge of Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS), and content management systems (CMS). Training and certification in specific technologies related to Search Marketing duties can be useful.

Whether employed by an agency or a large organization, a Search Marketing Specialist frequently works with external or internal clients. She must understand how to present information for the organization’s various Internet marketing campaigns. Good verbal and written communication skills are therefore essential.


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