What Does a Scaffolding Supervisor Do?

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A scaffolding supervisor hires a crew, oversees the assembly and disassembly of scaffolding as well as ensures the scaffolding is properly and safely assembled. Working hand-in-hand with a construction job site supervisor, the scaffolding supervisor estimates the total number of scaffolding sections that will be required to complete a job and arranges for the scaffolding to arrive onsite. Along with the materials, the scaffolding supervisor decides on the number of employees that will be required onsite to assemble the scaffolding. While the scaffolding is being assembled, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure all safety standards are adhered to. The supervisor is also responsible for the timely breakdown and removal of the scaffolding once the job has been completed

In most situations, the scaffolding supervisor is an employee of a larger construction or construction supply company; however, many supervisors set out on their own and become sub-contractors. In this capacity, the scaffolding supervisor is responsible for not only the safe setup and removal of the scaffolding — he is responsible for protecting the job site and the workers assembling the scaffolding from injury. Other duties of a supervisor include completing reports that detail the performance of the crew, the condition of the scaffolding as well as the overall condition of the job site. These reports must be written and turned in to the company owner on a daily basis.


In most areas, there are regulatory agencies that write rules and regulations governing the setup and tear down of scaffolding. In every instance, the scaffolding supervisor is responsible for knowing, understanding and adhering to these regulations. Likewise, regulation pertaining to the proper behavior of the crew members is left to the scaffolding supervisor.

Any person who becomes a scaffolding supervisor is also responsible for maintaining a level of education and testing to ensure that he is properly certified in all areas of scaffolding setup, tear down and crew safety. It is also the responsibility of the supervisor to attend any disciplinary or accident investigation pertaining to an incident with the scaffolding or scaffolding crew. In most situations, be it a construction site or concert venue, where the scaffolding is to be used to support a concert stage, any discrepancies with the agreed upon time of assembly or tear down result in a fine being levied to the scaffolding supervisor.


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