What Does a Sandwich Artist Do?

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The responsibilities of a sandwich artist revolve around the overall creation of a sandwich, especially a long submarine or “sub” sandwich. Though any business that employs cooks and people responsible for making sandwiches can use this job title, it is often associated with Subway®. The primary duties of a sandwich artist include the preparation of materials for sandwiches, including cutting and storing different ingredients and proofing and baking bread. These various ingredients are then combined to create a sandwich, often following a particular guide that indicates what goes into a sandwich and making alterations based on feedback from customers.

Although the title “sandwich maker” does not inherently indicate any particular restaurant, it is often associated with the Subway® chain of sandwich shops. Any restaurant could potentially use the title, however, though most places that prepare a wider range of foods use the general term “cook.” The sandwich artist at a Subway® restaurant is often an entry level position that requires little previous experience, allowing for training following hiring. This means that employees with this title do not typically have high-level responsibilities, such as handling major cash deposits or opening and closing a store at the beginning or end of a day.


Many of the duties of a sandwich artist involve preparation and cleanup at the beginning and throughout a day of operation at a restaurant. Preparation often begins with ensuring that different toppings, such as vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce, are properly sliced and ready for use on sandwiches. Selections of meats and cheeses, along with additional toppings like peppers, oil and vinegar, and olives are often properly stocked to make sandwich-making easier. Bread is usually proofed and slowly baked in batches throughout the day.

A sandwich artist is also responsible for ensuring that the food preparation area remains clean and sanitary during operation. Customer service is a primary role for a sandwich artist, which involves interacting with customers and ensuring they are happy with their meal. The employee is likely to greet customers as they enter a store and provide them with information about short-term deals or different options they may have for dining.

Once a customer places an order, then the sandwich artist is typically responsible for actually making the sandwich according to the methods set out by an employer. Adjustments are often made based on input and preferences of a customer, including the type of bread chosen and additional toppings. This service frequently continues with the customer providing payment for the meal and any final assistance that may be required.


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Post 2

@Buster29, I get what you're saying, and I have to admit I chuckled when I heard "sandwich artist" on a TV commercial the first time. But I can also see where a person might take a little more pride in his or her work if the customer saw them as an artist of some kind. We all know it doesn't really mean anything, but if it works for employee morale, so be it.

Post 1

I've always thought the job title "sandwich artist" was more of a marketing ploy than anything else. Who wants their ham and cheese sandwich made by a regular deli worker when they could have an artist do it? There's no real harm in it, I suppose, but it sounds like one of those inflated titles some people create for their boring jobs. I'm not a janitor, I'm an environmental service technician.

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