What does a Salon Owner do?

N. Madison

A salon owner performs a number of jobs on a daily basis. His or her work usually involves not only providing services like hair and nail care, but also handling the business aspect of running a salon. This typically includes everything from advertising and making sure the salon customers are satisfied to managing salon employees and ensuring that the salon is clean, comfortable, and visually appealing.

Hair salon owners need to be kept updated on the latest hair styles and trends.
Hair salon owners need to be kept updated on the latest hair styles and trends.

Since satisfied customers are critical for the success of any salon, most salon owners spend a good deal of time seeking new customers. This can involve everything from placing ads in newspapers and telephone directories to passing out fliers and designing eye-catching signs for the salon. The owner may also create a schedule to ensure that customers receive services in a timely manner and policies to ensure customer satisfaction.

Salon owners may test new facial care products.
Salon owners may test new facial care products.

A salon owner typically takes care of his shop's general upkeep as well. He may handle everything from cleaning the windows and mopping the floors to inspecting the furnishings for rips and making sure there are magazines and other sources of entertainment for the salon’s customers. The owner may also check to make sure salon equipment is in good working order and replace it when necessary. Typically, he takes a regular inventory of supplies as well, ensuring that the salon always has the products it needs for its customers. Sometimes, a salon owner may hire employees to do some of these tasks, but the owner still has the responsibility of ensuring that they are done properly.

Typical hair salons offer hair cutting, coloring, and styling services.
Typical hair salons offer hair cutting, coloring, and styling services.

Another important part of a salon owner’s job is hiring and managing employees. A salon may offer many services, ranging from hair cutting and styling to pedicures and facials. While the owner may provide some of these services himself, he usually hires enough employees to provide a wide range of services to as many customers as possible. Once he’s hired people to provide these services, he also has to schedule them for work, provide training if necessary, handle payments, and even deal with disputes that may arise among employees or between employees and customers.

A salon owner may provide services like nail care.
A salon owner may provide services like nail care.

Sometimes salon owners sell products in addition to salon services. For example, one may sell hair and skin care products as a supplement to the services he offers. In such a case, his job also includes choosing products to sell and displaying them where his customers will see them. He also sets the price for these products to ensure profitability.

Salon owners often sell skin and hair care products.
Salon owners often sell skin and hair care products.
Salon owners can give grooming tips.
Salon owners can give grooming tips.

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Discussion Comments


One of the companies I rented an townhouse from was actually a Salon company.

The way the complex I lived in was built, the townhouses all had three floors. The bottom floors were made into businesses and the top two floors were living areas. It was a a great neighborhood!! We had coffee shops, salons, and restaurants all within walking distance.

Back to what I was saying though, as it turns out the salon owner decided instead of renting from the person who owned the townhome, she bought the entire townhome and turned it into another form of revenue. (Very smart).

And just as another aside because I have had many friends ask me this question when they learned that I rented from a salon owner "Do you tip the owner of a salon?" - You do tip the owner of a salon, period.

Not sure where the rumor was started about this one, but it is not true (or at least in her case).


The owner at the salon where I have my hair done says she sometimes feels like a housekeeper. She is always cleaning and tidying up the place. Though she could hire someone to do it, she feels more comfortable doing it herself, because she knows all the things that are required to pass inspection.

Inspectors come by at random intervals, and they can shut you down for things that most people would not consider harmful. She said she knew of a girl whose salon got shut down for having the wrong kind of garbage can. She was supposed to have one with a lid operated by a foot pedal that could remain closed most of the time, but she had one with a lid you push open with your hands.

I suppose I see how this could potentially spread germs. Salon owners are held accountable for knowing all the requirements for staying in operation. The more involved they are with their business, the better.


Selling products in a salon can be nearly as lucrative as selling hair services. My sister owns her own salon business, and she keeps it stocked with hair products, makeup, jewelry, and purses.

She gets the items at a discount and sells them to make a profit. Since the hair products cannot be bought at a department store, people flock to her salon to buy them. She even sells them to people who have never been in there to have their hair done before.

Often, while customers are waiting for their curls or color to set, they look around at her items for sale. People rarely look without buying. The purses and jewelry are really unique, and the makeup is hard to find elsewhere.


I work with a local beauty salon owner to develop attractive ads for his business. I do freelance graphic design, and he uses my services because he likes my style.

He is one of my most regular customers. He has a sale of some sort every week, and he has me design a flier as well as a newspaper ad. He always uses his logo and a font to match it.

He told me that he thinks a good salon owner should focus on both the growth of his business and maintaining a happy customer base. From what I’ve heard, people in our town are very happy with his weekly specials. There are always tons of cars parked out front of his salon.


My best friend is a salon owner, and she makes a trip once a week to the beauty supply store to get everything that she and the other stylists need. She asks her employees what they are low on, and she makes a list before heading out.

Once she buys the items, which usually include perm solution, hair color, and shampoo, she deducts the expenses from her monthly profit record. This will help her when she does her taxes. It’s just part of the regular bookkeeping she has put herself in charge of doing. She likes to stay on top of things, and keeping track of where the money goes is the best way to do that.

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