What does a Sales Administrator do?

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A sales administrator oversees the sale processes for the organization he works for and provides support to internal and external sales teams. Some of his or her duties may include maintaining customer information, preparing and processing orders, and providing support to field sales representatives. Database management is also a part of the job, and it may require the administrator to generate monthly and quarterly reports and make recommendations for improvements. Sales administrators often report to a sales executive, such as a vice president of sales or a general manager. Job candidates for sales administration jobs must often prove their ability to communicate well and deliver excellent customer service.

The purpose of hiring an administrator is often to ensure that the customers’ needs are being met and that products and services are delivered in a professional and timely manner. Companies require an administrator to work closely with the sales and accounting teams to meet the sales objectives of the organization. The bottom line for the sales administrator is to do whatever needs to be done to help the sales team complete sales and deliver the products and services purchased by the customer. For example, if a field sales representative persuades a customer to purchase a product, then the administrator may have to draft the contract necessary to close the deal. Administrators often act as a liaison between company executives and the sales team to solve problems, design processes, or resolve conflicts.


Some of the daily tasks that a sales administrator can expect include processing over-the-phone and online payments, creating and submitting proposals in response to requests for proposals, and fulfilling orders. For this reason, many job candidates must often be well organized, good managers of their time, and excellent at paying attention to details. The ability to write in an effective manner is also one of the sales administrator requirements, because the job does often include submitting proposals and other written work to prospective and current clients. Administrators also handle customer complaints and provide them with more information so that they can make their decisions as to whether to do business with the company. Many employers often require job candidates to show their knowledge and experience in customer service because they want assurance that the candidate can manage customers well.

A management team often relies on a sales administrator to relay customer issues and concerns. For example, a company may request that a field sales team representative approach sales administrators prior to addressing management. The administrator may also report issues affecting the sales team’s ability to work effectively or serve customers.


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Post 3

Sales administrators often receive more pay than other secretaries. The average salary for a sales administrator is about $55,000.

This reflects the varied responsibilities and level of education preferred for this position.

Post 2

Certlerant, you are right. The administrator part of the title is somewhat misleading, as the sales administrator job description is more that of an executive assistant than a manager.

Although some companies will hire sales administrators with only a high school degree or equivalent, many require a bachelor's degree in business or a related field.

Having excellent communication skills is also key in this job.

Post 1

Although the title is sale administrator, it sounds like this position is more of a secretary for the sales department.

What sort of qualifications does a sales administrator need?

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