What Does a Rock Climbing Instructor Do?

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Working as a rock climbing instructor is often ideal for people with an adventurous spirit and great communication skills. The primary role of this job is to teach others how to climb safely and demonstrate associated skills. In most cases, an individual will be employed by a camp, gym facility or outdoor adventure program. Generally speaking, no degree is required, but a rock climbing instructor will need significant experience in the sport and sometimes, a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certificate. Typical duties include meeting and greeting participants, giving knot-tying instruction, teaching how to belay, demonstrating rock climbing techniques and maintaining equipment.

A preliminary duty of a rock climbing instructor is meeting and greeting participants. Before beginning any actual instruction, the instructor will usually introduce himself to a group of participants and tell them a little bit about himself. For example, he might discuss his knowledge of rock climbing and get familiar with the group. Typically, he will also go over safety guidelines and show participants the various types of equipment that will be used. Consequently, it's necessary to have sound interpersonal skills and extensive rock climbing knowledge for this job.

After an initial introduction, a rock climbing instructor will usually instruct participants on how to properly tie knots. Since ropes are mandatory for most forms of rock climbing, it's important for each person to be familiar with the basics of knot tying. In most cases, this instruction only covers the fundamentals, but it is necessary for staying safe.


Along with this, most courses will also teach participants on how to belay. This is a technique that's used in rock climbing to prevent climbers from falling and for coming down after climbing to the top of a ledge. To teach belaying, the rock climbing instructor will show participants how to stay secure in a harness and properly thread a rope through a belay device.

Once a group has an understanding of basic knot tying and belaying techniques, a rock climbing instructor will demonstrate climbing techniques. In many cases, this will be done in a controlled environment, like a rock climbing wall. The instructor will often show individuals how to grab onto rock formations, maintain balance and optimize hand and foot placement. Furthermore, he might demonstrate how to increase endurance during a climb.

Additionally, an individual in this position will usually be responsible for maintaining all equipment he uses. This means checking ropes, harnesses, belay devices and carabiners for wear. When equipment becomes worn or unsafe, it's also his job to inform a supervisor or order additional equipment.


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