What Does a Retail Florist Do?

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Retail florists are people who create displays of flowers used at events such as weddings or funerals. These people have to know how to effectively grow healthy flowers as well as cut and dry them for customers to buy. An individual who is interested in becoming a retail florist can complete a one-year certificate, two-year associate degree, or four-year bachelor’s degree program in an area such as floriculture to increase his or her job opportunities. This person has to interact professionally with patrons as well as promote company products. The professional also needs to track inventory and keep his or her knowledge of the field current.

Professionalism is an important aspect of the job of someone who works as a retail florist. This type of individual must be able to respond to telephone calls using proper etiquette and strive to answer callers’ questions clearly and quickly. He or she also has to try to assist every walk-in customer as soon as possible, providing them with tips and suggestions that help them to decide on their purchases.


Marketing constitutes another critical responsibility of a professional in this field. He or she needs to be willing to promote his or her company’s products during special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day and tell customers about the organization’s sales and discounts. In addition, a retail florist correctly displays price tags and signs for various items and rotates them to various parts of the retail establishment at appointed times to improve clients’ exposure to them.

An individual who works in this career area also has to manage inventory and keep floral products appearing attractive. This person must check to make sure that enough products are available for sale and needs to regularly order new supplies to ensure that consumer demands are met, resulting in profits for his or her company. Tracking the arrival of goods and the sale of items using a computer system is common. The ability to maintain the health and appearance of the flowers and plants being marketed constitutes a necessary skill of a retail florist as well.

Keeping his or her knowledge of the field up-to-date additionally is important in this role. A retail florist can pursue certification through an institute in the industry, which involves taking and passing written and practical examinations on various types of floral arrangements. The individual then must complete continuing education courses to maintain the designation as well as learn about developments in this field.


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