What does a Reservations Manager do?

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One of the duties of a reservations manager is supervising associates who handle the booking of hotel rooms, conference centers, or restaurants, to name a few. He might also coordinate with travel providers to offer discounted rates or other incentives. This professional could also monitor trends in the occupancy levels of hotels or resorts in order to project future sales for these businesses.

This person is often responsible for interviewing and hiring personnel who take reservations for hotels, campsites, vacation cottages, or other types of accommodations. He could also be in charge of securing tables at fine dining establishments, particularly during certain busy times or holidays. A great deal of time may be spent talking to customers on the phone, however, he may also communicate with clients online or in person.

When a guest is unhappy with his service, he might ask to speak with the reservations manager. This person is usually authorized to reduce fees or upgrade service in order to maintain the customer's satisfaction. This professional could also be responsible for refunding deposits, should a client wish to change his plans due to unsatisfactory conditions.


A great deal of the manager's time could be devoted to meeting with travel agents in order to generate business. A person in this job might also offer business executives a special package in exchange for them booking a conference or seminar at a particular location. This could include the use of audio-visual equipment, discounted rooms, and complimentary meals, in many instances.

A reservations manager is typically able to project the future occupancy levels of hotels or other types of lodging. This information can be useful to human resources personnel because they can better schedule the number of workers needed to handle this volume. It can also give hotel executives an idea of when they might want to offer special packages in order encourage customers to stay at a facility.

A bachelor's degree in travel or tourism is generally preferred for those seeking a position as a reservations manager. Prior experience at a hotel front desk or in a travel agency might be a substitute for this education. A pleasant disposition and willingness to work long hours are usually also required.

A reservations manager plays an important role in making a vacation pleasant and comfortable for many travelers. These workers have the opportunity to meet people of many nationalities and backgrounds. This can mean this position could be a good career choice for those who work well with a variety of individuals.


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The average salary for a hotel reservations manager is about $40,000 per year.

Although the salaries for management professionals in restaurants and hotels vary based on the size of the establishment, this position is on the lower end of the average pay for hotel management positions and pretty much in line with those at smaller restaurants.

However, salaries for management jobs in restaurants increase more as the size of the business goes up than in hotels.

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How much does a hotel reservations manager earn, on average? How does this amount compare to other hospitality jobs?

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