What Does a Report Coordinator Do?

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A report coordinator collates and prepares reports as well as providing analysis for an organization. Skills needed to succeed in this job can include an attention to detail, the ability to write clearly and effectively, and knowledge of the industry, which is often considered critical for analysis and commentary. Report coordinators may work in settings like finance departments, admissions offices, and health care facilities. They must be familiar with software programs used to manage and present data as part of their work.

Assignments for a report coordinator can depend on the employer, but may include subjects like pulling together financial information, discussing enrollment statistics at a college, or providing a project report for investors in a construction endeavor. This work can involve collecting data from a number of sources including statistics from internal records, individual departments, and outside agencies; in a project report, for example, the report coordinator may want to be able to discuss changes in raw materials prices. The information needs to be organized so the report coordinator can determine how to present it most effectively and accurately to readers.


Preparing reports involves presenting data in accessible formats with charts, graphs, and other tools, as well as providing written context. The report coordinator may be responsible for writing large sections of the report or the entire document. In addition to providing direct information about the data, the work can include some analysis. Report coordinators may talk about whether a project is still on schedule, how to increase student enrollment, and other topics.

Good writing and editing skills are important. In offices where multiple people contribute to reports, the report coordinator pulls together the contributions, edits for clarity and consistency, and presents them in a single document. The ability to edit for style, readability, and accuracy is critical, and some fact checking may be required to keep reports consistent. Document preparation may also require conversion to electronic formats for distribution, as well as making printed copies available for people who prefer hard copies.

Job qualifications to work as a report coordinator can vary. Some workplaces prefer a college degree in communications or a subject related to the employer’s field, like accounting or business for someone who handles financial reports. In addition, they may expect applicants to have some industry experience as well as formal education. Other jobs may be open to people with sufficient industry experience to handle report preparation, analysis, and documentation.


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