What does a Relocation Consultant do?

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A relocation consultant is a person who provides assistance with moves. These consultants can be used in a number of different settings. In all cases, the consultant is involved at every step of a move, from providing advice at the start to making sure that all of the details of unpacking at the other end are handled. Skilled consultants can command a very high fee for their services.

One of the most common reasons to use a relocation consultant is because of a move for work. People who serve in the military or who work for large companies may receive a relocation consultant as part of their compensation package. In this instance, the employer recognizes that the employee is being asked to move for work, and thus that the move should be made as painless as possible. In other cases, people may hire a consultant on their own because they are not able to deal with the move independently.


For these types of consulting jobs, the relocation consultant helps people find a house which meets their needs in a new community, whether they are renting or buying. The consultant also arranges for a moving service, and in some cases, a full-service mover may be used, in which case the mover will pack everything, move it, and unpack at the other end. The consultant can arrange shipping for international moves, including shipping of vehicles, and can make arrangements for animals which need to be in quarantine as well. In addition, the consultant helps arrange for transportation of the humans involved in the move, which can range from providing driving directions to booking plane tickets.

The relocation consultant's job does not end here. Most help people get the utilities turned on, place their children in schools, find a family doctor, and generally get orientated in their new community, offering advice on everything from the closest dry cleaner's to the best way to get to the workplace from the new house. The relocation consultant can work with people in the community to provide these services, ensuring that the move goes smoothly and as pleasantly as possible for everyone.

In addition to handling personnel moves, relocation consultants can also move entire businesses. A business relocation consultant can provide advice to a company which is thinking about moving, helping them select a new location and making all the arrangements for the move. This can include relocating key personnel, finding local non-essential personnel, negotiating the permits process for businesses, and providing other services which will help a business get back into operations quickly after a major move.


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Post 4

@KaBoom: Actually, there are only few relocation consultants who work as private consultants. Mainly, they work for a relocation company. So the customer first contacts the company and then the company will choose the best relocation consultant for that person/area. Obviously it is impossible to cover all the areas in a country, but this system is faster and easier.

And if a relocation consultant isn't familiar with the area he/she has to visit it without the customer at least once or twice.

Post 3

I think relocation consulting could be a great job for a very detail oriented person. I know several people that are extremely organized and would probably excel at a job like this. These are the kind of people that live and die by checklists!

Some people (like me) just aren't that organized and could use this type of help. I know every time I make a big move, I always forget to do something important. Maybe next time I will hire a professional to help me move smoothly. It would probably be worth the money to minimize the stress!

Post 2

@Azuza - Hiring a relocation specialist does sound like a good idea, in theory. However, I have to wonder how effective relocation consultants really are.

Do they specialize in only one area? Or do they consult about the entire country? I don't see how any one person could have detailed knowledge of every area someone might move to.

You can learn a lot from the Internet these days, but in my opinion you can't be a true expert on an area unless you've lived there! It's taken me months to get to know every place I've lived.

Post 1

I had no idea that relocation services like this existed! However, I can totally see this filling a need for a lot of people. Moving can be really stressful, especially if you're moving across the country to an area you're not familiar with.

I think it would be totally worthwhile to hire a relocation consultant if you're making a big move and you have the disposable income to do it. Also, this could be beneficial if you're short on time! Most people with full time jobs don't have a lot of time on their hands to take care of the logistical details of moving.

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