What does a Relationship Coach do?

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People often confuse relationship therapy with relationship coaching. In the former, a counselor, therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist works with a couple in an attempt to identify and solve problems that are creating conflict. A relationship coach, on the other hand, deals primarily with couples that share a strong bond and wish to make the relationship even more successful. A relationship coach might focus on dating relationships, marriages, or even family interactions.

Couples who utilize the services of a relationship coach are generally dedicated to making certain their long-term connection enjoys a stable and consistent pattern of growth. The couple has an eye on the future, and desires to learn the skills that will allow their kinship to prosper. The couple also seeks to gain the tools that will aid in identifying small problems early on. Many of the clients seen by a relationship coach are concerned with enhancing empathy and compassion, improving their communication and observation abilities.


As a rule, a relationship coach accepts clients who wish to improve certain areas of their lives. The solutions and actions that the coach might suggest are usually of an external nature. For instance, the relationship coach might tell a man that he needs to learn to listen, and not be totally solution-focused. The coach might impart to a woman that she should not exhibit frustration if her partner is not adept at picking up on nuanced language and verbal cues. This is again a contrast to relationship or couples therapy, where problems frequently arise from deep-rooted, internal motivations or obstructions.

One of the most important lessons the coach teaches his clients is that one should never take a relationship for granted. He helps them prepare to pursue a specific goal or challenge, such as having a child, moving to a new locale, or the contemplation of a major career change. The relationship coach almost always assists in providing advice that will aid in realizing an upcoming event that is positive in nature. His specialty lies in providing insights into what can be expected, and with how obstacles can be overcome.

While a relationship coach most commonly works with couples, he will also act as mentor to individuals. In such cases, he might provide tips geared toward improving social rapport or business networking skills. The coach anticipates the potential hurdles of the future, and teaches his clients to confront them with a sense of calm and confidence.


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