What Does a Registration Representative Do?

B. Miller

A registration representative typically refers to an individual who works at a hospital or other large healthcare provider, assisting and registering patients when they first come in. In some cases this job title may be used in other environments, however; everything from a person assisting students in signing up for courses at a college or university, to an individual on a cruise ship signing guests in to their rooms upon arrival. These job descriptions for a registration representative are much less common, however. Most of the time, this person will greet people at a hospital, whether they are there for scheduled tests or are arriving for an emergency.

A registration representative is responsible for greeting patients as they enter the hospital.
A registration representative is responsible for greeting patients as they enter the hospital.

Most larger hospitals have two registration departments. One will likely be located in an outpatient area, where patients who are coming to the hospital for scheduled tests and procedures will arrive to check in. The second registration department will be located in the emergency department area. Each of these departments will likely have a registration representative on duty at all times; most hospitals will have a number of representatives working at once so patients do not have to wait. Employees who work in the outpatient department may have a more regular schedule, since it is unlikely that it will be open at night.

Large hospitals often have two registration departments.
Large hospitals often have two registration departments.

On a daily basis, the registration representative will greet patients as they enter the hospital or healthcare facility. He or she will collect basic information from patients such as name, address, and emergency contact information. The representative will also enter insurance information into the computer, and determine the reason for the patient's visit. Once all this information is collected, the registration representative will direct the patient to the proper location to receive treatment or go to his or her appointment. For this reason, it is necessary for the representative to have a thorough understanding of the facility and the different departments.

A registration representative might also be responsible for answering phones to answer patient questions, as well as maintaining a filing system, be it a paper-based one or digital. It is very important that anyone in this position is detail-oriented and responsible, as well as discreet with sensitive patient information. For those who work in an emergency department, it is important to have the ability to remain calm and in control in stressful or upsetting situations. This is typically an entry-level position in most healthcare facilities, but there are often opportunities for promotion to different administrative areas.

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