What Does a Regional Controller Do?

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Working as a regional controller involves managing a company's finances within a given area. The ideal candidate for this job is a person with excellent mathematical skills, leadership abilities and a creative mindset. In most cases, an individual in this position will need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in finance or accounting and several years of experience. While the size of a person's region can vary, the essential job duties of a regional controller are much the same. These include keeping track of financial reports, performing accounting tasks, researching industry trends, monitoring inventory and communicating with department heads.

Keeping track of financial reports is perhaps the most important part of being a regional controller. In order to maximize profits and prevent complications, it's up to him to be aware of a company's financial outlook at all times. For example, he may compare current monthly sales numbers with average monthly sales numbers from the past. He might also monitor how much money investors have placed into his company and keep track of current stock market information.

Along with this, a regional controller is often responsible for performing accounting tasks. This might include adding up the expenses and profits of a company and determining how much tax money is owed. If he finds discrepancies in financial data, he might perform further investigation to resolve the issue. Consequently, it's helpful for a regional controller to have an eye for detail.


Another aspect of this job is researching industry trends. To optimize a company's operations and increase revenue, it's often necessary for a regional controller to analyze his competition and stay up-to-date on what's happening in his industry. For example, he might investigate which marketing techniques his primary competitor is using, which items are selling well and which are selling poorly. In many cases, he will use his findings when developing new marketing strategies or implementing new company policies.

Besides this, a regional controller will sometimes be responsible for monitoring inventory. To minimize losses and optimize the ordering process, it's important for him to always be aware of what's in stock. Since he often oversees a vast area, an individual in this role will usually get this information from warehouse staff in different locations.

Additionally, he will sometimes be required to meet with other department heads of a company. Keeping open communication is vital for operating a successful company, so a regional controller will need to stay connected with other upper level management. In some cases, this will involve a formal meeting and face-to-face interaction. Other times, this might be done online via a teleconference.


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