What Does a Recruitment Administrator Do?

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A recruitment administrator generally works within the auspices of a company's human resource (HR) department, handling inquiries relating to job recruitment initiatives. His or her duties may include responding to queries concerning job openings, sifting through curriculum vitae or resumes, or organizing and maintaining data related to a company's recruiting activities. This profession often entails performing some analytical tasks, such as tracking recruitment costs, or the amount of time a particular job opening remains vacant.

Those working in this capacity often serve companies with large staffing needs. A recruitment administrator may also work for a company that provides staffing services to other firms or organizations. Usually considered an important operational area within human resources, the position of administrating a company's recruitment activities may also involve handling inquiries from job applicants. A recruitment administrator often conducts background investigations on potential recruits as well.

Various other duties are often a part of the job description in this particular career path. One of the more important tasks is often reviewing applications from job seekers. Those working in this position are generally expected to be detail-oriented. They are typically focused on keeping what may be large amounts of incoming and outgoing HR-related queries and correspondence organized and categorized. As a result, a significant amount of data entry and management is usually involved in this position's job duties.


A variety of other administrative and promotional tasks are frequently assigned to a firm's recruitment administrator. Recruiting and hiring activities often necessitate composing and disseminating job recruitment notices to the public. Hiring events may also be organized by an administrator in charge of talent acquisition. The development of the recruitment timelines involved in filling positions is also commonly tasked to the recruitment administrator.

Some analytical tasks are usually a part of the responsibilities, too. In order to ensure the company's recruitment efforts fill vacancies in an efficient and cost-effective manner, the administrator may measure and calculate the average length of time it takes to fill a position, and correlate that to job recruitment expenses. As a result, he or she may draw conclusions that management may then use to more effectively conduct recruitment activities.

Other analytics that a firm may conduct in regards to hiring activities often include measuring rates of minority recruitment. The term recruitment administrator is more frequently used in English speaking countries other than the U.S. In the U.S., similar job responsibilities may be categorized as a human resources recruiter, or executive headhunter.


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