What Does a Recreation Aide Do?

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Working as a recreation aide can be rewarding for people who enjoy working with the public and arranging recreational activities. Typically, these individuals are employed by parks and recreation departments, hospitals and community centers, and can oversee a variety of events. While having a bachelor's degree is favored, it's usually possible to obtain this type of position with only a high school diploma. Some common job duties of a recreation aide include monitoring equipment inventory, setting up recreational equipment, arranging social gatherings, handling tickets for events and performing office duties.

Monitoring equipment inventory on a regular basis is often a large part of being a recreation aide. For example, an individual might be responsible for keeping track of items like soccer balls, tennis rackets, tables and chairs. This can involve accounting for items, storing items and cleaning them to prolong their lifespan. To be effective in this role, a person must have excellent organizational habits.

Along with keeping track of inventory, this position often involves setting up recreational equipment. If a recreation aide is overseeing a soccer game, for example, he may need to bring soccer balls, shin guards and a beverage station for players. For a bingo game, on the other hand, the aide may be responsible for setting up tables and chairs, and bringing bingo cards and chips. In many cases, this involves gathering necessary items from storage and transporting them to the intended location.


Another common responsibility of a recreation aide is arranging social gatherings like parties or meetings. It's usually up to him to reserve a location, determine a date and time, send out invitations and take care of catering. In some cases, he may also need to hire people like musicians, speakers or other entertainers. Consequently, it helps for an individual in this position to be well organized and good at planning.

Handling tickets for various events is also part of this job. For example, a recreation aide may sell tickets for a sporting event or verify tickets when patrons enter a facility. In some cases, he might also work at a concession stand and sell food and beverages to event goers.

Additionally, a recreation aide will sometimes perform various office duties. This can involve things like answering phone calls, sending faxes and sorting mail. He may also assist the recreation leader in taking care of any other tasks as they arise. This aspect of the job requires a person to have sound interpersonal skills and be able to multitask.


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