What does a Quality Assurance Officer do?

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A quality assurance officer is charged with creating, implementing, and managing a business's quality control processes. Typical job responsibilities include analyzing business needs and areas for improvement, developing new procedures that ensure higher quality products or methods of production, and defining budgetary needs and the proper distribution of resources. Jobs are available in a diverse array of fields, from manufacturing and construction to public service organizations and food production facilities.

One of the primary aspects of a quality assurance officer job description is the thorough review of company policies and procedures. The officer uses his or her knowledge of various production techniques, company rules, and business standards to identify areas that can be improved upon. The goal of this function is to ensure an overall higher quality of finished product, but it also aims to streamline production processes, better adhere to company rules and any applicable laws, and create more contented workers and customers.

In attempts to improve the value of the business, an officer devises new plans to advance the effectiveness of production practices. This typically entails the implementation of more efficient systems designed by the officer. He or she oversees the execution of these new systems and may be called upon to provide training to employees. The position is traditionally a supervisory one, and the individual manages technicians and administrators within the quality control department.


Drawing up budgets and appropriately allocating the necessary funds are important parts of any quality assurance officer's job. He or she identifies the need for and cost of any new equipment that may be required by a restructuring of quality control standards. The officer remains in close communication with senior level employees and those in the finance department so as to better determine the financial scope of any necessary upgrades.

To become a quality assurance officer, a candidate is typically required to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in business, business administration, or management. Many employers look for applicants with a master's degree in one of these specialties. Individuals in this position tend to have worked in a non-supervisory role within the business for a length of time, as either a technician or in another middle management position. Hiring for this role from within the company is important to many businesses since a candidate who has been with the organization has firsthand knowledge of the processes used in production.


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Post 2

Saraq90 - From what I have seen and I had a friend who worked for J Crew (by the way they have an incredible employee discount) most mid-scale to upper such as GAP, Banana Republic, J. Crew, etc. have some form of quality assurance position at their stores.

I would be horrible at that job, I just do not have an eye for such details, but I love the clothing so I am appreciative of those people that do!

Post 1

I have occasionally seen a tag on my clothes that says something along the lines of "inspected by quality control" or "quality officer" and I have always pictured an assembly line of meticulous people with magnifying glasses checking out the details of my clothing.

Now as it turns out there is a lot more to the quality assurance officer than the picture that was in my head! I wonder if any of the companies that I buy clothes from often use quality assurance officers or if that is a given for most mid-scale clothing companies?

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