What Does a Quality Assurance Inspector Do?

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A quality assurance inspector is responsible for ensuring that the finished products manufactured by a company meet the expected standards. They conduct tests on every kind of product, including food and non-food items. Most of them work as employees of different manufacturing or production companies, while others may be employed by the government. They may also set up their own independent establishments.

In manufacturing plants where products like cereal, soda, butter, wine and other types of food items are produced, the quality assurance inspector has a two-fold responsibility. The first responsibility is to make sure that the food is not contaminated in any way. The inspector does this by taking various random samples from different batches of the finished product for testing before the food is packaged.

If the result of the test comes out without any sort of contamination, the inspector will approve the packaging of the food items. The result may show that the food is contaminated, which will require the quality assurance inspector will make recommendations to the management of the company that may include the destruction of the contaminated food. On the other hand, the quality assurance inspector may also act as a taster of the food items to find out if they measure up to the expected standards of the manufacturers. They may have a method for rating the quality of the product, which they will relay to the management.


Another responsibility of the quality assurance inspector is in connection with non-food items. They inspect materials through examining them with their eyes or with their hands in search of missing pieces, discolorations, crooked pieces and jagged edges. They also work in mechanical plants, such as car manufacturing companies, to inspect the various pieces used to manufacture the machine as well as the finished product.

A quality assurance inspector who works for a manufacturer of hair dryers, for example, would check the various components of the dryer. He or she would check the different mechanisms on the dryer to make sure that they fit as they should. The inspector would flip the switch to make sure that electricity is flowing through the electrical cord. Another feature the inspector would examine is the electrical cords to make sure that they are not frayed. The same principle applies to inspectors who work in places where clothing apparel is manufactured. They must make sure that the fished clothing materials do not have any tears or stains.


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