What does a Python&Reg; Programmer do?

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The duties and responsibilities of a Python® programmer often vary and typically depend a great deal on the specific job the programmer has. In general, however, a programmer usually works on creating programs and applications utilizing the Python® programming language, often with specific regard to syntax and scripting utilized in Python®. More specific goals and duties often depend on the nature of the work a Python® programmer is doing. Someone working on a video game, for example, typically uses Python® to create scripted events, dictate how the game world responds to the actions of players, and help create the user interface (UI) for the game.

A Python® programmer is a person who typically has a background in computer science and programming, with special knowledge or training in using the Python® programming language. Python® is an open source, free to use, programming language that is object-oriented and has a number of advantageous syntactical and scripting abilities that has made it increasingly popular in software development. The work of a Python® programmer typically changes a great deal depending on the type of company that has hired him or her or the project on which he or she is working.


In general, however, a Python® programmer typically writes code using the syntax and scripting available in Python®. Once he or she generates the code for use in creating a software program or application, then he or she typically runs testing on that code to find errors, document them, and then fix them. This is often a fairly lengthy process that may take numerous attempts to ensure the code is written properly and functions without errors. As firmware that is pre-installed on hardware has become increasingly important for numerous fields of engineering and electronics, a Python® programmer may also work on writing firmware rather than software applications.

The specific work a Python® programmer does typically varies depending on the type of project on which he or she is working. A programmer who is working on a video game, for example, typically creates code that affects how characters can interact with the game world, create the software used by the game engine to generate the world of the game, and help create the UI seen by the player of the game. Other companies, however, might hire a Python® programmer to create code for server-side applications that are never directly interacted with by users. A social networking site, for example, might have a programmer write code in Python® that handles how clients connect to and communicate with servers on a network, or alter the way in which the UI for a website is displayed for a user.


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