What does a Public Relations Manager do?

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A public relations (PR) manager is in charge of overseeing how a person or company is viewed by customers or the media. Also called a PR manager or a public relations specialist, a public relations manager helps a company control its publicity. The job of a PR manager usually involves both generating positive publicity and managing negative publicity.

A PR manager may have a number of different duties, depending on the nature of the job. Such a manager may be responsible for obtaining press releases to announce the launch of a new project or to inform the world of a new initiative. A public relations manager may also be responsible for generating interest on behalf of newspapers or other media outlets to carry the story.

Getting the company's name out as a positive company and helping to develop a market presence are common duties of a PR manager. Managers devise programs and call on contacts and relationships to help a company grow. They also help the company determine what image it wants to present.

PR managers may also assist a company in handling bad press. This can involve knowing in advance when a negative story is going to run, through the development and maintenance of contacts within the journalism industry. It can also involve helping a company prepare a statement or determine how to put a positive spin on a negative story that is published.


A number of different people and organizations may employ a public relations manager. A company may have a full-time public relations department or staff that is continually working to manage the company's press and image. Alternatively, a company may hire a public relations director or manager to deal with a specific problem or handle a specific situation.

Individuals can also hire a public relations manager. This is common for celebrities, who may want to project a certain image and who may want their PR manager to get them jobs or news coverage or to keep scandals out of the newspaper. Politicians or those running for office may also have a person working for them who manages their public relations and public image.

Most PR managers generally have excellent communication skills. They must be able to develop and build relationships and to act as a public face of the company. Business sense is also important for many PR managers, who must understand marketing concepts and branding as well.


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Post 4

GreenWeaver-I know that public relations sounds like a fun field, but there is a high level of stress especially when the client has experienced a negative public perception that people would not stop talking about.

A perfect example, involved the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal. This bad press not only hurt his public persona, but lost him many endorsement opportunities as well as his family.

Perhaps if the public relations manager had been hired sooner, he may have recovered quicker from this public relations nightmare.

Often public relations managers try to humanize their client so their image issues would have less of a negative impact. Sometimes all it takes is a public apology and an admission of wrong doing and the public generally forgives.

It is when this apology does not occur or is delayed somewhat that the public begins to form negative opinions.

Post 3

BrickBack-The public relations manager job description is excellent for someone with a journalism or public relations Masters Degree.

Often these positions require excellent written and verbal communication skills with an advanced degree preferably in English or in Business if the public relations manager chooses to specialize with business clients.

Post 2

Cupcake15-I agree with you. I would love to have a public relations manager job. They usually manage and direct a group of public relations specialists and are often involved in improving employee and management relationships and perception.

They are also evaluating sales promotional programs in order to make sure that the promotion is inline with the public perception that organization chooses to portray.

A public relations manager salary ranges from $75,000 to six figures. The salary really depends on experience and the size of the clients since larger higher profile clients tend to pay more.

Post 1

I think it would be great to work in the field of public relations.

I have a friend that was looking for public relations jobs and finally found one with a local agency.

I know the Public Relations Society of America offers a database of jobs for its 22,000 members.

It also offers salary information and a free resume posting section. There is also an ask the expert question section in which you can not only ask a question but view the previous questions that were asked.

They also offer career changing tips for those entering the public relations field for the first time. It is really a comprehensive site that anyone considering the field of public relations should consider.

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