What Does a Property Coordinator Do?

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The term "property coordinator" can refer to several types of jobs, most of which are in the real estate industry. A property coordinator may, however, also work in the film industry; this person is responsible for finding shooting locations for a particular production and arranging payment for the owner of that property. The coordinator will work with a scouting crew to find and secure shooting locations legally and in a timely manner. In the real estate industry, the coordinator may be a person who manages various properties as rentals.

A property coordinator will essentially maintain various properties for various owners. The coordinator may be responsible for finding tenants to fill the homes or apartments, and ensuring the buildings are maintained, repaired, and within compliance of local codes. A homeowner or building owner will essentially pay the property coordinator to take care of all aspects of the property so the owner does not have to do so himself. Tenants of a building will contact the property coordinator to pay rent, raise concerns about the building, get repairs scheduled, or address any other issues or concerns. In many cases, the coordinator will manage a staff of people who will address such problems and concerns at various locations.


No specific level of education is required in order to become a property coordinator, though completing a high school education is recommended. Basic math and communication skills will be necessary, and experience in various trades such as plumbing or electrical work is preferred but not required. Clerical duties will also be the responsibility of the coordinator, so he or she should have basic computer and writing skills as well. Accounting knowledge is also preferred but not always required. A candidate who earns an associate's or bachelor's degree is at a distinct advantage for securing employment in this field.

The property coordinator may work independently or he or she might work for a property management company. This means the coordinator may be responsible for one building or several; companies that handle several properties will very often have more than one coordinator to handle the workload. This is especially common in big cities with higher populations. The coordinator must be knowledgeable about local laws and regulations the management company must adhere to, and regular inspections of the buildings may be necessary in order to stay compliant with such laws and regulations. The coordinator must address any non-compliant issues within a given time frame.


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