What Does a Project Technician Do?

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Project technicians perform various functions throughout a project to help ensure the project runs smoothly. They work in many fields, including construction, manufacturing, and health care. Strong interpretation skills and the ability to conduct tests are necessary in this profession. While some project technicians secure the job through past work experience, most positions also require a bachelor's degree.

When a project technician receives project plans, he or she must go over them in detail. Plans are formulated to test certain materials and processes. This is to help ensure they will work properly during the project and not malfunction. The project technician examines available manuals to determine their feasibility and proper order. Policies, management books, and any environmental legislation related to the project are also reviewed by the project technician.

Recording the work as it is completed is typically the responsibility of the project technician. In addition, tracking how many materials are used as well as recording test results are part of the job. Inspection of work and evaluation of accuracy are also part of the technician's job.

Project engineers turn to project technicians to assist them in all aspects of a project. When the engineer is not available to answer questions or discuss issues, the project technician handles them. The technician typically reports directly to and communicates with the project engineer.


Meeting attendance is also expected of project technicians. They are there to both ask and answer questions about the materials, tests, and ultimate goals of coming projects. Many technicians keep daily work diaries to refer to during meetings. Specifications are also recorded in such diaries.

It is not unusual for a project technician to work on several projects at the same time. This requires strong organizational skills and the ability to multitask. The technician is also charged with setting the daily work plan. Sometimes, the technician supervises others as the work is carried out.

When an aspect of the project becomes non-compliant, either with regional regulations, project details, or company policy, it is the job of the technician to spot it and notify the project engineer as soon as possible. If this occurs, the technician meets with the engineer and others to find and implement a solution. Project technicians also keep a running total of project costs.

Responsibility levels of project technicians are high. They have the authority to stop a project, remove steps, and direct workers. If a technician does not recognize a problem in a timely fashion, the entire project can ultimately be scrapped.


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