What Does a Project Director Do?

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The primary responsibilities of a typical project director are to supervise senior managers and other staff, manage the stated policies and business strategies of an organization, and be able to motivate and provide guidance for all those involved with a particular project. The qualities necessary for a good project director include exceptional leadership abilities, effective communication skills, and strong team-building know-how. A project director typically takes on a lot of responsibility, including the development, direction, and coordination of all activities associated with a project, as well as being responsible for meeting all deadlines, staying within budget limitations, and finding the right staff.

At the top of the list of required characteristics for a project manager is clear, concise, and consistent communication. Some project managers may have the tendency to communicate infrequently or in a manner that does not inspire people. Communication is more than just talking and writing for a project director. It is about sending a message that communicates honesty and integrity that is consistent with behavior and character. A project director that gives mixed messages or is out of touch with people may not inspire the project team to follow.


Leadership is also vital to the list of project director duties. An effective leader helps the members of his or her team reach their ultimate goal of successfully completing a project or task. Leaders also have the ability to acknowledge problems quickly, evaluate those problems without becoming emotionally involved, make a final decision, and move to help the team solve problems. A great leader inspires people to continually improve. The ability to keep team members on track both mentally and fiscally is also an important leadership characteristic of a good project director.

Team building qualities are also a key factor in the project manager job description. The director must be able to evaluate potential staff and team members, create a viable team, and motivate them to work together to bring about the successful completion of any project. Providing an atmosphere of encouragement for the team and for each individual team member is also critical. An effective project manager will know how to reinforce the team approach through soliciting and considering input from all team members. Team building may also require events that take place in other venues and appropriate social situations outside of the office.

Other critical project director duties may include developing grant or funding proposals, hiring and training of staff, recognizing and solving potential problems, mitigating risks, establishing operating goals, and networking with local, state, and national agencies. Most companies or organizations will likely require several years prior experience in a senior leadership or project management capacity, a proven ability to organize, plan and execute projects on time and within budget, and a demonstrated expertise in establishing and maintaining key relationships between all team members, senior level executives, and outside vendors.


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