What Does a Production Control Manager Do?

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A production control manager oversees and streamlines the manufacturing processes involved with making products that comply with predetermined standards of quality and estimated costs. Scheduling, material planning and outsourcing may also be included as responsibilities for a person in this position. Some of the activities in which he or she may be involved include pre-production planning, oversight of actual production, and quality control. He or she needs to possess some basic skills and knowledge in order to execute the various duties and responsibilities involved in this job. Educational requirements may be different for each employer but most prefer a college degree and various professional certifications as well.

Before any manufacturing ever begins, a production control manager confers with technical or administrative personnel to work up a detailed manufacturing production schedule. Coordination of procedures within specified time constraints regarding equipment maintenance, repair, or replacement is an essential function for this position. These types of managers also develop and implement tracking and quality control systems to ensure proper production methods are used and manufactured products are up to specified standards. Some companies are involved with many different types of manufacturing so the level of complexity for this position may be different for each employer.


Strong leadership skills, the ability to make quick decisions and knowledge of various production processes are needed for this position. A production control manager typically provides leadership and advises various personnel involved in the manufacturing or supply chain processes regarding schedules, production orders, inventory requirements, specific manufacturing procedures and requirements for staffing. Hiring and then training new personnel in the proper methods of a particular manufacturing process is also a key function of this position. Most people in this position have a working knowledge of the many, sometimes complex, mechanical operations involved in the manufacturing process as well as the associated equipment and techniques used to effect repairs.

The training required for a production control manager may vary by employer. Most all working in this field have a high school diploma, however, most employers require a bachelor's degree in engineering, supply chain, or business management, especially for those managers who want to move upward within a company or organization. There are some employers who may not require a college degree for those who have several years experience in this industry. Some production control managers may also be Certified Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) or a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), certifications issued by the American Production Inventory Control Society APCIS). This is a professional organization committed to the ongoing education of production control managers and other professions related to production, manufacturing, and supply chain industries.


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