What does a Product Test Engineer do?

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In most organizations, a product test engineer is responsible for evaluating a specific product or process in accordance with a set of standards set by that organization or an alternative organization with a specific certification. Most often, the product test engineer is also responsible for the development of test procedures which help to set specific standards that insure the efficiency and safety of the products creation and use. This individual is usually one of a select team which investigates and determines an acceptable production test platform and equipment, which would also include the test team and their qualifications.

It is common for a qualified product test engineer to have many years of experience in their field and an education within one of many engineering disciplines, such as a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE). It is also important for this individual to be detail-oriented, organized, possess acute data analysis skills, and have the ability to document processes clearly and accurately. Additionally, good communication skills are essential since the engineer must share important information with a wide range of professionals on a day-to-day basis.


Quality is one key to unlocking the doors of a product's overall success in the marketplace. A product test engineer is a key part within the business infrastructure that strives to achieve excellence by keeping a close eye on the details. He or she is ultimately responsible for implementing the manufacturing test strategy for new product developments. This professional works closely with multiple engineering teams to provide technical support for the test processes during manufacturing to see that all concerns are addressed early in the design.

Most often, a product test engineer will work closely with system, platform, application, or product design teams to develop procedures. These will ultimately limit testing and shrink overall production costs. The engineer will analyze failures and compile statistics concerning the functionality of a product. When an issue or failure is found, it is up to the engineer to determine what needs to be done to rectify the problem and communicate this to the production team.

No matter what the product or process, this individual acts as the primary pivot point which establishes a definition of quality. He or she plays one of the most important roles in the creation of something new.


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