What Does a Procurement Administrator Do?

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A procurement administrator oversees the process obtaining services from a vendor as well as managing procurement and purchasing staff. The role of the this professional requires knowledge of procedures for the purchase of services and goods for a company. Businesses are often looking for ways to acquire goods at a competitive price, and it is the job of the procurement administrator to oversee the processes involved in making those acquisitions.

The administrator in a procurement department is responsible for managing the daily operations of the purchasing and procurement division of a company. He or she is in charge of supervising personnel as well as reviewing contract agreements. The administrator also reviews purchasing requirements for contracts when the company is soliciting goods and services from vendors. There are occasions when the procurement department will review the qualifications of vendors to ensure the best and most reliable service available is being used.

In most companies, the procurement administrator reports directly to a senior manager. The administrator has to consider the company's fiscal status and capabilities when obtaining contracts for goods and services. He or she is also often responsible for conducting meetings concerning the hiring of new staff, personnel issues, and the technical needs of the purchasing or procurement division. Administrators may also assign, supervise, and review the work of procurement operations staff.


The procurement administrator may meet regularly with senior management to keep them abreast of any changes in the procurement process. Administrators may also offer instruction and training to procurement personnel, as well as visiting buyers and vendors. They may also review bids for services and contracts to ensure that those bids are in compliance with current procurement policies.

Analytical skills are important for a procurement administrator, and he or she may need to quickly review contracts to identify any issues that may come up. Administrators must also have the ability to efficiently use computer applications and have a thorough understanding of the procurement information system used by the company. Procurement information systems are often used to create detailed purchasing reports.

The procurement administrator also conducts cost analyses and works with company purchasing budgets. Budgeting is a critical component of an effective procurement process and the management of a company as a whole. The administrator must use effective communication skills and be able to exhibit a high level of knowledge of the contract and procurement process.


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