What does a Press Agent do?

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The duties and responsibilities of a press agent can vary depending on the specific requirements of a job. In general, however, the agent typically works with a client, who is often a particular celebrity or the producers of a television program or film, and generates ideas to spread a positive message about the client. This often involves creating a marketing campaign, which may require working with an advertising agency, and utilizing various media outlets to properly execute the campaign. Once the reputation of a client is established, then a press agent typically works to maintain that reputation and ensure a positive image for a client.

A press agent is typically a person who works in public relations (PR) and represents a client through a marketing campaign or publicity tour. The client for this type of agent can be an individual, such as an actor, musician, or book author, or can be a particular product, such as a film, music group, or stage production. Regardless of the nature of the client, the duties of a press agent often involve a great deal of work to promote and establish a positive image for the client.


One of the major duties of a press agent is promotion and PR for a client. This often begins with advertising or creating a particular image. An agent might work with a young actor, for example, to help craft the public image of that actor and to draft press releases detailing new projects on which the actor is working. Similarly, the press agent for a music group will write press releases announcing new albums the group records, work with an advertising agency to create advertisements for print and Internet media, and establish an overall thematic campaign for an album’s release.

A press agent will also typically make an effort to actively promote a client in various media outlets. The agent may contact talk shows and radio stations to arrange for appearances and interviews, as well as consider promotional opportunities that may fit the image of the client. Should a client be involved in any sort of events that may create a negative image, such as a personal scandal, then the agent usually acts to control the impact such events can have on the image of the client. This typically involves controlling how a client responds to accusations or details of the event, and a press agent will often assist in writing statements or apologies a client may issue.


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