What Does a Premier Banker Do?

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A premier banker is a member of a commercial or investment bank that is responsible for completing several different tasks. The primary responsibility of a premier banker is to sell the products and services of the bank. Such sales require consultation with clients, examination and assessment of their needs in relation to their financial situation, and tailoring bank products and services to their specific needs. A premier banker is also responsible for ensuring that all bank policies are followed during the course of those sales and transactions, as well as for performing other, non-customer related bank tasks. These tasks include creating, filing, and maintaining records and delegating tasks as needed.

In the hierarchy of a commercial bank, a premier banker has more responsibility and seniority than a teller, but is not considered part of the bank's management team. The position focuses on sales and the generation of leads for a range of bank products and services. These products and services include checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit, investment fund accounts, and other products and services specific to each bank. Generally, a premier banker does not facilitate or approve any type of loan though in some instances he or she may be required to generate client leads for follow up by the bank's loan officers.


A premier banker must have a good sales track record and be comfortable with potential clients of all social and economic backgrounds. He or she needs to be fully apprised of all current and former products and services in order to instill confidence in customers. The ability to inspire confidence is one of the most important qualities that a premier banker can possess as the job revolves around evaluating private financial information and finding solutions to sometimes difficult problems. For example, if a customer wants to open an investment fund account but does not have the discretionary income to adequately fund that account, the banker must find an investment solution that better matches the customer's needs and abilities.

The requirements for being a premier banker are not extensive. Generally, the banker needs at least one year of experience in a bank as a teller or a clerk or experience in a related customer service oriented field. The banker must also possess verbal and written skill sufficient to facilitate clear communication. A history of generating sales leads and networking with customers and clients is usually required as well.


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