What Does a Platform Architect Do?

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A platform architect designs comprehensive computer systems for storing, delivering, and optimizing a variety of information, usually in an online format. Most platform architect duties involve creating software applications that will allow end users to access needed data quickly and efficiently. Many platform architect jobs are in industries such as ecommerce and interactive web content management. Platform architects are usually responsible for writing and editing programs, troubleshooting problems with functionality, and formulating new technology solutions to existing business problems. They also work closely with a team of computer engineers or web developers to complete projects that include developing, installing, deploying, and configuring various hardware and software components.

The typical platform architect is able to analyze a given company's need for technology that would increase online visibility and potentially improve its overall profitability. Platform architect duties frequently include back-end tasks such as examining site traffic patterns, tracking rates of user purchases in cases of ecommerce sites, and planning improvements for content delivery to greater numbers of future customers. These kinds of tasks often involve project work such as the development of a new application or add-on with the use of high level programming languages such as Java® or C++. Experience in troubleshooting and updating web server equipment is an additional plus for many platform architect jobs of this nature.


Platform architects generally have a solid understanding of the algorithms that index a variety of web content according to relevancy and quality. They typically work closely with a team of web developers to tailor site components to these algorithms. This area of a platform architect's job often requires good spoken and written communication skills for implementing these types of technical elements with team members who have varying areas of expertise. In addition to developing and testing new applications, platform architects usually need to write concise but thorough documentation of each project phase.

Some platform architects develop applications and interactivity solutions that are specific to a particular operating system, web browser, or search engine. They often work with business analysts to determine which types of technology would best serve the broadest possible customer base. Since many browsers and operating systems come with periodic updates, platform architects usually have a key role in identifying any existing errors and creating fixes for them. They also use information about the average user's requirements for creating various features to add to a new version prior to its deployment.


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After reading this post I think that it was written by someone who works closely with web service providing.

But according to my understanding Platform Architect (PA) is a bit more than this. Because PA is responisble for the platform itself, I mean for the basement or bedrock which the application runs on. It can be even web services, directory services, firewall rule planning or any enterprise service build-up (such as mail, file sharing, or instant messaging back-end server internal/external communication).

I'd say that PAs' role in some case can be pretty similar to Network Architects.

Anyway I liked your definition. Regards, Daniel

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