What Does a Plant Accountant Do?

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A plant accountant is a person who works inside of a manufacturing plant and ensures that the company runs efficiently by summarizing, recording, and paying business transactions. A person in this position has job duties similar to those of a general accountant. Plant accountants are responsible for anything related to the finances of a manufacturing plant, including taxes, real estate documentation, profit or loss statements, and employee payroll. This person is required to obtain a degree in accounting and participate in continuing education programs that enhance awareness of finance practices and laws. Persons in this position have a highly developed analytical skill set enabling them to perform their function of this job accurately and effectively.

The primary responsibility of a plant accountant is to balance the accounts of the plant which involves several areas of finance and investing. The accountant prepares budgets, tracks revenues, and expenses to ensure profitability of the company. This person is responsible for preparing, reporting, and paying the appropriate tax obligations of the manufacturing plant to the proper governmental agencies. The accountant tracks inventory, pays invoices for services provided, and submits invoices to other companies for services rendered by the plant. This individual is responsible for recording and maintaining information concerning company-owned properties.


In order to perform the functions of this position effectively, a plant accountant is required to possess a specific skill set. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential for accountants to work with other vendors, bankers, agencies and employees. In addition, a person in this position generally has above average analytical skills necessary for processing information of various types. A plant accountant is well-organized and capable of coordinating work schedules, appointments, and general information. An accountant must have knowledge of computer programs associated with the field of accounting in order to effectively track business finances and transactions.

Persons who wish to obtain a position as a plant accountant must achieve a certain level of education. Employers require candidates to obtain a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in accounting along with a license as a Certified Public or Management Accountant. Many companies prefer to employ a person with a master’s degree in accounting or other business-related degree. An individual who is hired for this job usually has previous experience in another accounting-related position as well as prior experience a supervisor. Once hired, the plant accountant is required to participate in continuing education classes pertaining to accounting practices and tax laws.


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