What Does a PHP Tutor Do?

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A personal home page hypertext preprocessor (PHP) tutor offers one-on-one teaching guidance to students who need extra help with this particular web scripting language. Many college degree programs in web design require several courses in web development scripting languages such as hypertext markup language (HTML) and cascading style sheets (CSS) that are considered the foundations of web page creation. Students who opt to learn more comprehensive languages often choose courses in PHP, and some may encounter initial difficulty integrating its rules with the rules of HTML. A knowledgeable PHP tutor is generally able to identify individual mistakes in adding PHP code to an existing HTML document and to guide students in correcting them.

This particular educational tutor usually has working knowledge of several areas of web development from the basic to the advanced levels. A PHP tutor often has a background in computer science and has completed one of the credentials usually required to work as a tutor for many schools or private companies. Just as with other types of specialized tutors, a PHP tutor may offer in-person sessions or may work as an online tutor.


A common area of confusion is the definition of PHP as a server-side scripting language and why this matters when creating documents with PHP. Some students come to this area of web development with limited knowledge of how this code makes a web page interactive. A PHP tutor is generally able to explain the function of PHP code, as well as the steps needed to add PHP scripts to a web page with the correct syntax. Common applications of PHP include linking a website to a database, so a PHP tutor may also offer their students help in creating web-ready databases for this purpose.

Many courses in PHP require students to create documents of code with a simple text editor. A PHP tutor frequently checks these assignments for errors and is able to explain the correct methods to his students. This kind of personal tutor can also usually offer tips and suggestions for avoiding similar mistakes in future web page creation projects with PHP.


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