What Does a Party Organizer Do?

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The term “party organizer” may refer to someone who plans parties or a person who performs outreach on behalf of a political party. These two jobs are very different, but both require an outgoing personality, good organizing abilities, and excellent communications skills. People who plan parties need to be able to coordinate a wide variety of personnel for events like weddings and birthdays. Political organizers work in their regions on behalf of their parties and community groups that want more public outreach and involvement.

In the case of a person who plans parties, a party organizer meets with clients to discuss the event, the budget, and the theme along with any other potential topics of interest. The organizer secures a facility large enough for the event on the given date and makes arrangements for music, decorations, lights, food, and anything else the clients might want at the event. Party organizers can work on a variety of projects including birthdays and office parties. Some may also work on weddings, although this is often the purview of a wedding specialist.


This type of work requires good relationships with suppliers to ensure that everything needed at the event arrives in good shape and on time. The party organizer also needs a crew of full or part time workers, depending on how much work is available, to handle setup, breakdown, service at the party, and other needs. A high level of organization is critical, as most organizers handle several events at once and need to be able to keep them straight. Some cultural sensitivity and awareness of traditions may also be necessary, as a party organizer could be called upon to organize events by different cultural groups who have unique needs.

Political party organizers work with their parties to increase awareness of the party and its activities in a community. They may engage in a variety of outreach campaigns. Some organize local precincts, hold voter registration drives, and engage in phone banking and door-to-door outreach in election season to encourage people to vote and make members of the community aware of the issues at hand in a given election. Local organizations may work with party organizers to access funding and promote events, giving political parties an opportunity to increase their presence.

Over the course of a campaign, a political party organizer may work in a local field office as well as in the community to connect with people and meet with various groups. Party organizers can also work for groups like unions and charities to assist with political strategy and create connections. Degrees in political science are often helpful, although not necessary, for a career as a party organizer. The work can also be used to lay the groundwork for a future campaign, drawing upon name and party recognition and the resources of the party to mount a successful campaign.


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