What Does a Part-Time Model Do?

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Take a look around any media outlets, such as television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, and any viewer is likely to find countless men and women acting as models for ads or other presentations. Not all of these people are full-time models making a living off the practice, either; it is possible to become a part-time model who does modeling for fun or for extra money rather than for a career. Modeling generally involves being comfortable in various poses, and being familiar with the process of becoming a part-time model.

In order to become a part-time model, a candidate does not need any specific level of education, though taking some modeling courses or workshops is certainly a good idea. The model will need to build his or her portfolio that showcases the best shots taken of that model. A great way to do this is to offer modeling services for free or to trade a photographer; models can offer the photographer their time for the images made during a photo session. This allows both the part-time model and the photographer to build an adequate portfolio without spending a lot of money. It is a good idea to model for several different photographers with various styles to make sure the portfolio is diverse and attractive.


Once the part-time model develops a strong portfolio, he or she can begin to submit that portfolio to various businesses in need of models. Advertising companies very often search for models, as do clothing companies and various manufacturers of goods that create catalogs or websites for consumers. A part-time model should either be willing to travel to get some modeling jobs, or limit his or her search for jobs to the immediate area such as the city or town in which he or she lives. Broadening the search is a good idea if the model wants to secure regular jobs.

As a part-time model, it will be important to keep track of how much money is paid for modeling services, as this will become vital information when doing taxes in various countries. It is a good idea to hire an accountant if the model is not familiar with such topics; at the very least, the model should save a specific percentage of all earned income as it relates to the tax rate in a specific region. It may be necessary to list one's occupation as model on all relevant tax documents as well.


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@raynbow- Models of all different looks, shapes, and sizes are in demand these days. Whether your friend wants to model for catalogs or television, she shouldn't let her height stop her. Though your friend may have a hard time finding runway work, this doesn't mean that she will have a hard time finding work as a part-time model.

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I have a friend who wants to be a part-time model, so I am helping her search for agencies. My one concern is that she isn't very tall and I'm afraid she will be rejected. Does anyone know how likely she is to find work in the industry?

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