What does a Parking Attendant do?

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A parking attendant is in charge of parking and retrieving cars and supervising car lots. Any business or commercial complex that has parking facilities may have a parking attendant to manage this important resource. In addition to a valid driver's license and insurance, a parking attendant usually needs to possess excellent customer service and organizational skills.

The duties of a parking lot attendant will often depend on the size and services offered by the lot. In a small self-parking lot, attendants may be required to simply keep an eye on parked cars to prevent vandalism or theft, and collect fees from motorists. In timed lots, attendants may need to make periodic rounds to check for expired meters or permits. Attendants may also be required to keep a record of how many cars enter and exit the lot each day.

Many parking garages and lots offer valet service. This means that, for a fee, an attendant will park and retrieve the car for a customer. This position requires a great deal of trust in attendants, as any damage or misuse of vehicles can result in lawsuits and a poor reputation for the business. Valet attendants must be able to drive legally and carefully, to minimize the risk of damage.


Some lots offer additional services for a fee, such as cleaning the exterior of the car or even providing gas. Parking attendants will usually perform these services while the customer attends to his or her business. Proper car washing techniques should be used, as streaks and scratched paint are likely to bring complaints and possibly demands for worker termination. If an attendant job requires car washing, ask for a tutorial on proper techniques before beginning the job.

Organizational skills are very important in some parking attendant jobs, particularly those dealing with large structures or lots. Cars in big lots, such as stadium or amusement parking areas, need to be parked efficiently and carefully monitored. Large structures may have whole fleets of attendants that direct traffic and indicate where each car should park for maximum efficiency. Understanding how best to fill a lot may be an important part of the job.

In some jobs, a parking attendant may deal mostly with monetary transactions for parking. This may include using a cash register and credit card machine, checking validation for discounted parking, and issuing fees for extended use of the facilities. Safety is an important consideration in this position, as parking lot kiosks generally offer low security and can be seen as easy robbery targets. Ask potential employers for a briefing on security systems, safety procedure, and local crime rates that may affect safety. Employers who are reticent to supply this information may be concealing past robberies and may be willing to put an employee's life at stake instead of providing adequate safety training.


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Post 3

The article talks about how you can get your car washed and filled with gas by parking lot attendants. I think this combined with valet parking is so convenient. The garage where I park even has an attendant who will drive my car to the mechanic shop down the street and leave it for maintenance.

Then an attendant will pick the car up and put it back in the parking lot. All this happens while I am at work, so this saves me a lot of time and I don't have to stress about leaving work or taking a day off work.

Post 2

People complain about parking attendants and garage parking services all the time, but let's face the facts, these garages are safer and more convenient that the alternatives in most cases. Furthermore, often times there is no viable alternative to parking in a garage, especially in the downtown of large cities where street parking is limited and quickly occupied.

Generally speaking, your car is going to be much safer in a car park with attendants and in some cases security officers than it would be parked on the street. You may can your paint scratched once in a blue moon, but the same thing could happen while the car is parked on the street, or in your yard for that matter.

Post 1

I'm sure people other than I have had issues when they use a parking garage, so I hope I don't appear self absorbed, but it seems that almost anytime I park my car in one of these places something goes wrong. Whether it is a garage where I park the car or where a parking attendant takes the vehicle and parks it for me chances are something is going to go wrong.

Without fail, there is a new scratch or ding when I get the car back. I think one of the big problems is that the businesses are trying to make as much money as possible by packing in as many cars as possible, and this leads to


Sometimes the spaces are so close and have such little room that getting in and out is a challenge. Even when you get the car parked and avoid hitting another vehicle or structure you still have to get in and out of the car. And I have to admit I have opened my door and hit other cars on more than a couple occasions.

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